Five bathroom looks to suit your style

From styles inspired by Old World Europe, to striking statements with black and inviting rustic bathroom spaces there is a style for everyone and every kind of house. Get the look in your own home with our bathroom style guide as we take inspiration from real bathroom designs.

A vintage bathroom
ARTICLE supplied by HomeStyle, PHOTOGRAPHY courtesy of Debra DeLorenzo, Miller Construction, David Reid Franklin showhome, Cymon Allfrey

From styles inspired by Old World Europe, to striking statements with black and inviting rustic bathroom spaces there is a style for everyone and every kind of house. Get the look in your own home with our bathroom style guide as we take inspiration from real bathroom designs.
The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home and should be a private and personal space in which to rejuvenate.  While all bathrooms require adequate lighting, good ventilation, storage, and fittings that are as practical as they are attractive, the overall look of your bathroom can be left to your imagination. In many cases it is the accessories that will define the look of the room. Shower curtain motifs, brush holders, soap dishes and canisters will all bring a look to the room.
The use of smaller items to define a style is a cost effective way to play with different looks, as they are more easily interchangeable than ceiling to floor tiles! It is important to think about how these smaller items work together, and with the room as a whole.  The bathroom in most cases will open off from another room of the home, whether it be a passageway or a bedroom. While the look of the bathroom doesn't need to be defined by the style or character of your home it will need to flow with the rest of the house. Using handles and fittings that are of the same style of those in the kitchen is one way to ensure continuity, as is the use of like or similar colours and tones.  As with deciding on a look for the kitchen, there is no right or wrong way to decorate the bathroom providing it has all the working needs you require. The key thing to remember is to ensure all the items and materials you combine are in keeping with each other and working to present a united look. Whatever style suits you and your home, the end result of your bathroom makeover should be a space that is relaxing, while having a hint of luxury.

Old World

Taking cues from Old World Europe and French Country this is a style that will always be in vogue. The romantic notions that this style conjures is perfect for the ensuite or guest bathroom. There is nothing more relaxing than the subtle white based colours found in this style.  Soft colours, curves and ‘fluffy’ textures create a soft and friendly atmosphere. Personal elements are often present in this bathroom, and pinks and rosy coloured soaps and towels are common accessories. Claw foot baths, chandeliers and rounded basins are a great starting place for this style. Combined with pastel coloured tiles and paint, brass finishings for handles and accessories such as jugs, soap dishes and other vintage items, you cannot go wrong.
French country style bathroom
In this design by Debra DeLorenzo, the brief was to create a traditional country theme bathroom. From tapware to the larger furniture in the bathroom, each accessory works to prompt the same look.


Perfect for larger and older homes, the rustic bathroom should provide a warm and inviting space that is full of character. Wooden cabinetry made from oak or darker wood than ply will be present and enhanced by soft towels in rich ‘forest’ colours - think dark greens and browns. A deep bath will provide a focal point for deep relaxation. Time spent in this bathroom should bring up connotations of a mountain chalet. This is an ideal bathroom style for those in rural areas or attracted to ‘older’ items rather than the sharp lines and monochromatic colours of contemporary design.
Rustic bathroom with wooden walls and concrete flooring.
Drawing on schist found throughout the rest of this home by Miller Construction, this bathroom design features dark colours and mixed textures which draw you into the richness of the room. With white used as an accent the bathroom has a timeless and comfortable appearance.


The classic bathroom will be a simple and elegant space while presenting a sense of practicality. Grace, symmetry and natural elements will be present. It is often a style associated with the main bathroom of the house rather than an ensuite. If used as an ensuite a sense of luxury will precede the formal nature of the style.  Marble or natural ceramic tiles will make an appearance as the chosen floor material or vanity.  Quiet opulence can be created through the use of glass accessories and subtle lighting. White accessories are common to complement the natural palette. Small plants are commonly found in this style and bring a sense of life to the room.
Classic bathroom style with ceramic tiling and simple, white cabinetry.

This simple bathroom design found in the David Reid Franklin showhome, features floor to ceiling tiles which provide a sense of opulence and luxury. The design of this space is practical and functional yet elegant.


Many shy away from using black as a starting point for a colour scheme, particularly in small rooms such as the bathroom; but it is a great way to create a statement. The use of black will create a sophisticated and classy room with a sense of luxury and glamour.  The whole room doesn’t need to be black; use white, grey, charcoal or another colour of your choice to add depth and texture to the room with the use of chequered tiles. The black bathroom can be a simple statement with the use of matt tiles or with the use of hi-gloss floor to ceiling tiles an opulent high-end statement. Have fun with this style and use strong white porcelain for vanities and chrome finishings for fittings to create contrast.
Glamourous bathroom with black tiling and matching acessories.
The homeowners wished to create a dramatic lavish feel in their bathroom, and achieved this through the use of 300 x 300 Diva black tiles alongside glass partitions and large mirrors. Design makes a statement in this bathroom with the use of square lines and chrome finishings.


In contrast to the previous bathroom styles the minimal bathroom is  more about making a sculptural statement than symmetry.  Consider this style carefully as without the correct use of an accent colour this bathroom can feel very cold. The open plan space of this style sees materials and design make the statement. The overall effect should be simple but contemporary. Structural lines and bold monochromatic, repetitive patterns are present in this style. Often created through the use of hi-gloss tiles. Storage and personal elements are tucked away to create a seamless appearance. Mirrors will open to reveal cupboards and floating shelves will display towels, candles and other small accessories.  Lighting is key and often controlled by several switches so as to create ambient and practical lighting without compromising on either. Dimmer switches are also often found in many contemporary bathrooms.
Minimalist bathroom style with glass enclosed shower, simple bath and double sink.

This bathroom design by Architectural Designer Cymon Allfrey, clearly demonstrates a subtle use of colour and texture to create a practical yet elegant space in which no personal accessories are left on display. The design elements and lines of the bathroom make a strong structural statement.
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