How much does basic indoor lighting and electrical cost in the United Kingdom?

If you're renovating an average-sized 3-bedroom home, you can expect a basic budget to cover rewiring, a new switchboard, and new LED lighting throughout your home.

Certified electrician wiring new outlets.
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If you’re renovating an average-sized 3-bedroom home, you can expect to budget somewhere in the vicinity of £4,500 - £6,000 for rewiring, a new switchboard, and new LED lighting throughout.
If you have budget to spare, you might want to add a multi-room AV system, and dip your toes into some basic smart-home technology.

Are there dangers with DIY?

The first rule about electrical work is that it’s no job for amateurs. The high-stakes risks include causing a house fire, or electrocuting yourself or someone else.
Local laws may allow you do to some electrical work yourself – but you most likely finished work tested and connected by a licensed professional, or you could be prosecuted if things go wrong. It could also void your insurance.
For most electrical work you’ll need to engage a professional that holds a current practicing license.
Professional connecting new switchboard in wall behind front entrance door.

What do professionals cost?

Never ask your electrician to provide a quote over the phone – they will need to do a thorough site visit first. And given the many possible variables, you may choose to go with an hourly charge-up. That way, you’ll only pay for the work done.
Electrical Safety First recommends "that you use an electrician registered with one of the government-approved schemes to do any electrical installation work that you need. Registered electricians work to the UK national safety standard (BS 7671) and will give you a safety certificate to confirm that their work has been designed, inspected and tested in line with that standard." The statutory requirements for electrical work are different depending on where you live. 

Will my home need rewiring?

How do you know if your house will need rewiring?
As a rule of thumb, any house built before the late 1970s is likely to need rewiring; while most houses built from the mid-80s onwards will be okay.  The older homes were not designed to support our modern lifestyles – with our multiple appliances and heavier lighting loads.
Aside from not having enough capacity, those old wiring systems used outdated materials. You’ve probably seen the old porcelain re-wirable fuses, and the black rubbery cable known as VIR (Vulcanized Indian Rubber). There’s also fibre insulated cable, which was run inside steel conduit or even timber capping in very old houses.
If you have any of these old materials, you’re sitting on a time-bomb and they’ve definitely got to go. They could perish at any time, and potentially could cause fire or electric shock.
Apart from the legal and safety considerations, another upside of getting your house rewired is that your insurance company may offer a reduction in your premium.
Professionals assessing a new electrical outlet.

What costs should I consider?

Although most homes can be completely rewired within one week, the cost can vary considerably. It largely depends on the age and size of your house, and the condition of the existing wiring. Fixing up old work can be the worst, says Matt Slater.
“The most costly jobs are where there has been some dodgy work done previously, or the home-owner has attempted to do their own wiring.”
Access behind the walls is another big factor. Will your electrician need to cut into the walls to run wires, and if so, how much?
“The cost will depend on the time and labour it takes to run a cable from A to B,” says Jim Gleeson, a Refresh Renovation home renovation consultant.
“An electrician who has a lot of experience in the renovation market can usually do this quicker, with less damage.”
What if you’re just renovating one room, like the kitchen or bathroom? Will you need to rewire the whole house? It depends what your renovation has unearthed, says Matt Slater.
“If your current wiring meets the standard, you can run a new feed just for that room. But if you discover electrical problems or old wiring, you’re best to do the whole house. If your electrician finds something that is a significant risk, they are duty-bound to take it out.”

How much does a new switchboard cost?

You may need to factor in the cost of a new switchboard panel as part of your electrical makeover.  To meet current electrical safety regulations, all new electrical work needs to be protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD).
“The minute you extend the circuit – by adding a powerpoint or extra lighting – the new work has to be protected by an RCD,” says Matt Slater.
“About 50% of the time, due to the age of the switchboard, it’s cheaper and safer just to replace it.”
Jim Gleeson says a typical renovation for a 3-bedroom house might involve adding new circuits to service your new outlets and lighting, upgrading your switchboard, and replacing your electrical outlets and light fittings. Any feature lighting would be additional.
Entry level home theatre system.

How much does it cost to create a home theatre?

Perhaps it’s also time to upgrade your TV and sound? These days, creating a home theatre or getting quality sound throughout your home doesn’t need to cost a small fortune.
If you’re keen to join the smart home revolution, there are plenty of cheap and cheerful options to play around with. For example, Philips Hue is a cost-effective way to have some fun with lighting automation.

If your budget allows for you to spend a bit more, a mid-range budget can help you start incorporating smart home features and upgrading your media. A top end budget allows you to achieve innovative home features only thought possible in futuristic films. 

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