How much does it cost to build a new garage in New Zealand?

Garage conversions can provide loads of storage, a workshop, extra bedroom, space for a home gym or a laundry, with endless add-ons. So we explored what a basic, mid-range and high-end budget can offer and at what cost.

Garage Cost
WORDS: Joanna Jefferies

Building a new garage is not only good for protecting your car, it can provide loads of storage, a work shop, space for a home gym or a laundry. New garages come with a price tag of as little as $30,000 and at the high end can push the $100,000 mark. Any building above 10 sqm with all four sides enclosed requires consent, and consent costs vary regionally, but take into account a $10,000 consent cost at the high end. There is a vast range of add-ons you can make to a standard new garage and so we’ve explored what a basic, mid-range and high-end budget can offer.

How much does it cost to build a garage on a basic budget? 

A standard garage size is 3.5 metres by six metres, which is called a single ‘bay’. For a basic budget you’re looking at a standalone garage, rather than one connected to your home, which would require more extensive engineering, design and consents. Our Refresh Renovations specialist says “you need to spec your garage according to what you want to use it for” and for a basic garage this may include pre-coated aluminium walls and roof, no internal linings for finishes and a manual door on a concrete slab. 
If you are going to park your car in it, consider how big your car is - cars can be as long as 5.5metres and as wide as 1.9metres and while they will fit in a single garage there won’t be much room for anything else. 

Basic garage cost estimate

$35,0000 to $45,000
Thinking of renovating an existing garage? Check out this Papamoa garage renovation carried out for just over $30,000.
Basic Garage Cost

How much will it cost to build a garage on a mid-range budget? 

In the mid-range you can expect a double garage, sealed concrete floor, workbench and storage and maybe a laundry. As per a single garage, you can cost out a double garage (two bays) by the square metre (7 x 6 metres). You would include an automated sectional door, which is a step up from a roller door. You may want to line your walls with plasterboard or plywood for a more ‘upscale’ finish.
In this price range, you might also include a single garage that is connected to the house. If you are building a garage that is connected, the renovation specialist says you might at some stage think of repurposing the space. “For one client we are building an oversized garage so they can put a kids playground at the back and for another client we are deliberately raising the roof pitch so at some space in the future the can use the attic space for more bedrooms.”
Line the walls to upscale the look of your garage - this can be done easily with plasterboard or for a more utilitarian look, with structural plywood.
Our renovation specialist says you need to think about direct access to your house if you’re including a laundry in the garage space and to make sure you have some division between garage and laundry spaces. You’ll want to insulate the laundry area so that “you’re not freezing too much in winter when you’re using the laundry”. 

Mid-range garage cost estimate

$45,000 - $65,000
mid range garage

How much will it cost to build a high-end garage? 

A high-end garage is likely to be three or more car spaces and can have multiple use spaces, for example, a workshop, car storage and entertainment areas and it will be lined and insulated says the renovation specialist. You may want to install downlighting, G-phase power in the workshop area, have a polished concrete floor, custom cabinetry for storage, games area, a gym, audio system and reverse cycle air conditioning -  basically your options are limitless. In a high-end space you’ll be connected to utilities, both water and power, and you may want to include a bathroom.
To upscale the look of your garage, carpet is an excellent option. Carpet specifically designed for garages is essential and there is a choice of colours across different brands, but nowhere near the same variety as household carpet. Dark colours are most popular – and practical – due to dirt tracks or oil leaks. The beauty of garage (polypropylene) carpet is that it can be vacuumed for regular maintenance or hosed down if there’s a mess. Garage carpet costs around $75 per lineal metre, it’s glued directly to concrete and won’t adhere to painted surfaces, so if your garage floor is painted the paint will need to be sanded off. 
high end garage
Another option for a high-end garage on a tight site is a vehicle turntable. These are typically 4m – 5.5m in diameter (for one or two vehicles) and can be installed inside the garage if needed. The turntable is constructed on a level, reinforced concrete pad 100mm below the finished driveway level and is operated by remote control from within the vehicle. As a guide, a single turntable will cost $21,000 plus GST.
Every high-end garage will need excellent storage options, says the renovation specialist, “You get really good systems that are designed for garage storage for example, places to mount bikes, custom tool storage and nifty workshop systems” so make sure you leave enough space to have room to use them. 
In a high-end space installing a gym, bar or entertainment area is popular. Going high tech with automation is crucial to making the space easy to use. This means automating sounds, screens, temperature and blinds for the utmost in comfort, which could set you back up to $30,000. 

Additionally, the renovation specialist says if you install a gym, you can take comfort to the next level with an individual person spa or sauna “for a calm-down relaxing period after exercise”. An individual sauna will cost between $3000 - $15,000 and a spa between $4,000 - $30,000. 
Lastly, don’t forget access for all your toys – if you have an oversized boat for example, you’ll need to customise a tall entrance to your garage with a bespoke garage door. 

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All Refresh Renovations franchises are independently owned and operated.

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