How much does it cost to re-roof your home on a basic budget?

Whether it's past its use by date or for aesthetic purposes, you might be wanting to replace your roof. This is what you can achieve with a basic budget.

Corrugated iron roof being installed
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Re-roofing your home, as the name suggests, involves replacing your roof, either because it’s past its use by date or for aesthetic purposes. This is done by putting a new one over the old one (not common practise) or removing the old and replacing it with new (recommended). Though it sounds like the costs will be prohibitive, if you’re on a tight budget you may be able to bring it in at around the $10,000-$15,000 mark.
“There are several reasons you might want or need to replace your roof,” says Jim Gleeson of Refresh Renovations. “It may be leaking or corroded and need replacing or you may want to change the look.” 

What do I need to know before re-roofing my home?

“There’s a lot to consider when it comes to roof replacement,” says Jim. “Building codes have changed and you can’t just replace a roof without preparation. For example, you cannot simply remove iron (a lightweight roof), and replace it with clay tiles (a heavyweight roof). You must take the existing building structure into account. However, generally, it’s not so difficult to move from a heavy roof to a lighter material . And Council requirements may mean your new roof needs a building consent or a change of use letter.” 

How much does it cost to re-roof my home per square meter?

The most cost-effective option for a basic budget is 0.4 gauge long run iron or pressed tin. “Traditional long run iron and pressed tin, which looks like faux clay brick, is very cost-effective,” says Jim. As a very broad rule of thumb, metal tiles and long-run iron cost around $55 per m2 with the average house being approximately 130-140 square metres.
Modern corrugated iron roof

What do I have to consider when installing a new roof?

When it comes to financial outlay, first and foremost you need to consider the size of the roof followed by materials; most pricing is based on a square meterage. You usually need to factor in upfront material costs as well as installation costs. It’s important to look at the long-term. It’s always best practise not to cut costs on quality and professional installation as you could well end up having to dole out again in just a few years. Plus the pro’s will meet legislative and building code requirements.

Should I repair or replace my roof?

“Whether a roof needs replacing or repairing depends on the deterioration of any given roof,” says John Puckey of Aoteoroa Roofing. “For example, we had someone contact us about their roof not long ago, and there was nothing fundamentally wrong with it. It was about 17 years old, had lichen on it and the gloss on the coloursteel had faded. We water blasted and repainted it at a cost of $3,700, and it will last another 15 years or so.” However, he goes on to say, if a roof is 30-35 years old with old nails and corrosion it’s not worth it. “You may as well take that money and go for an entirely new roof with all of the guarantees that come with it. If a roof needs to be replaced it needs to be replaced.” 

If you have a more substantial budget, read about re-roofing on a Mid-range budget or a High-end budget.

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