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The interior design trends that real interior designers want to see more of in 2022...

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Interior designers are, as with any profession, constantly balancing the wants and needs of their customers with what is actually best suited to them – juggling their overall satisfaction on both. Following interior design trends can often date a home; tapping in to a ‘fad’ that will quickly die out and be replaced by something else. However, there are fluctuations and demand for designs that those who work in the industry enjoy working on and with, and some they wish they’d see more of. We spoke to some leading interior designers to ask them what they’d like to work with more through 2022…
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The Colour Green

Pantone named its ‘Colour of the Year’ as Very Peri; a periwinkle blue with undertones of violet, intended to be a creativity-inspiring shade after a long period of perceived stagnancy for many. Whilst we couldn’t find an interior designer opposed to this happy blue hue, many are instead looking to explore options into green (after all, this is the second year in a row Pantone have chosen a blue). With the strongest association of the palette to nature, green plays well in to a biophilic design and can help build connections with the outdoors to reproduce the health and mood-boosting qualities spending time outside can bring. Sitting in the middle of the visible colour spectrum, green can be used as a neutral tone and presents visual comfort even in intense hues. Most designers agree to make it ‘pop’, accents of orange or coral can be used.

Painted Ceilings

Gone are the days of painted feature walls but in are painted ceilings – or rather, ‘colour drenching’ rooms by covering surfaces including the ceiling in one matching colour. In smaller spaces, painting the ceiling to match walls can help recede boundaries and give the impression of more space while not compromising on the feel of cosiness. Indeed the public are set to see the idea of colour drenching play out on TV soon, as Charlotte Church’s new reality TV show focusing on the renovation of Rhydoldog House including her and her interior designer painting a whole room – including the ceiling – black, to give the aesthetics of the sky above them while remaining indoors. 
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Curved lines on furniture pieces are already somewhat in vogue with homeowners opting for a gentler, softer feel in their interiors but designers are predicting that arches in more forms will come to the forefront of their designs in 2022. Alcove shelving, sweeping headboards and even curved arches and arched forms in architecture are set to grow in popularity through the year as designers seek to meet the need for affable features in properties.

Copper Elements

Brass and rose gold design elements have been in favour with the public for several years but now there’s a new contender for the metallic title: copper. Brushed brass is set to be replaced with copper, bringing a new finish and striking look to kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms the country over. Already, high-end furniture manufacturers are creating dining tables and kitchen worktops mixing copper finishes with white textured marble, and this combination is set to hit the mainstream as a favoured design soon to appear across… well, everything!

Vintage-feel Furniture

As easy as it is to suggest homeowners visit junk yards, antique stores and second-hand shops to source vintage and retro pieces, few actually go to the bother of doing so – instead opting for the increasing amount of furniture that looks as though it’s ageing gracefully, but is actually brand new. This gives the feel of a comfy, lived-in room without the worry of mould, mildew or dusky smells, and continues the public’s newfound approach to increased hygiene. Leather, which has long been out of favour in interior design circles, is making a comeback in statement chairs and sofas – bringing the cosy earthy tones already in favour amongst nature-lovers into the home without compromising on comfort. 

Restorative Neutrals

With the favoured green (see above) of many designers into 2022, neutrals are set to make a comeback in place of the vibrant bold hues opted for by homeowners across recent years. Warmer shades of beiges, tans and browns will replace the light-grey-and-bright-contrast palette we’ve seen dominate previously with darker greys moving to the forefront of design and textural elements being included to add depth. Neutrals provide a great foundation for an interior design palette that can be mixed, matched and changed dependent on customer desire, season and current trend. 
Statement lighting in the kitchen

Statement Lighting

Lighting is often an afterthought for homeowners when it comes to design and for many years the only statement pieces in the sector have been low-hanging pendants across kitchen islands. Now, designers are seeing demand for large and dramatic lighting fixtures across all rooms of the home – designing around them rather than with them for a really bold creative impact. What’s more, statement lighting is set to be more flexible and adjustable than ever; with smart tech allowing different ambiences, timers and zonal light settings to reflect the needs of the homeowner throughout the day and night. 


The Danish concept of hygge that was so favoured in coffee table books and interior design magazines is waning in popularity, to be replaced with Japandi: a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism. Sleek dark timbers mix with natural materials and simple design finishes for a cosy, comfy, yet striking aesthetic that appears curated yet liveable, and accessible yet impressive. 
Of course, the most appropriate design for any home is the one you favour and that works for you; whether or not it’s considered ‘on trend’ by others or by those in the industry. 

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