Coastal Blue Luxurious Master Bathroom

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This renovation transformed an outdated, water damaged master bathroom into a new, modern, ocean blue and luxurious master bathroom.

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Refresh Planning

Winter Springs , FL new homeowners of this 1986 home wanted to change the functionality and appearance of their master bathroom to create a coastal feel . After a water disaster the homeowners gutted the bathroom themselves. Then they tried to have some work completed from a few local handymen, but were really disappointed in the quality of work. They wanted to work with someone who had a General Contractor (GC) on site to ensure quality control was enforced, so they called Refresh Renovations. They met with Renovation consultants to discuss their vision for the space. From there, the Refresh team produced a detailed design, plan and budget for renovations. After the design and planning stage, permits from the county were pulled and a start date scheduled. 

Before picture: layout of bathroom prior to renovations.

Before picture: bathroom when the Refresh Renovations team began work on the project.

Core Renovation Work

With the ‘old’ out of the space, the team started mapping out for the new. As the shower and tub had a new location (within the space) the existing plumbing had to be redirected or capped off, and new plumbing routed to the new locations. Next, the new, bigger and better walk-in shower enclosure was built.
Electricians routed a new electrical path, to allow the homeowners to reuse their current dining room chandelier for the new master bath. Electricians also ensured the space was equipped with 100 cfm exhaust fans, so that the space has ample ventilation, as this space has a large shower, and is overall a larger bathroom.
The drywall crew installed new drywall to the ceiling, from demo work of the previous shower enclosure. After waterproofing, which is the process of coating a shower enclosure with a waterproof membrane to stop moisture from leaking into the structure of the home, tile work began. Beautiful new tile, with vibrant colors and textures were used for the shower, tub surround and entire floor of the bathroom. Specific tile for this renovation included: 
- Marina Del Ray Arabesque Glass Mosaic - shower and tub wall feature tile 
- Breeze Blanco III Ceramic Tile - shower walls and tub surround tile 
- Beaumont Shadow 1.5 in. Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic - shower floor tile 
- Lagos Blue Matte Porcelain Tile - bathroom floor tile 
The side window of the bathroom was upgraded to an impact energy efficient window, both for aesthetic and functionality purposes. The last of the core renovation work were the baseboards, and once installed the team was ready to enter the finishing stage of the renovation. 

Unforeseen Bumps in the Core Renovation Work

It was discovered that the window above the shower was not sealed properly which caused the outside wood and window frame to rot. The team quickly scheduled the carpenter to repair/replace the wood, reinstalled and sealed the window, plus repainted the outside to match the existing house color.   

Finish Work

Painters painted the space with Sherwin Williams Bubble paint. The vanity was set and final plumbing as well as electrical finishes were installed, plus quality checked to ensure everything was in working order. The very final touch was the installation of the vanity mirrors. With a final review from inspectors, the permit was closed and homeowners began to enjoy their new luxurious master bath. 

Final Results

Overall, the renovated space was approximately 360 square feet, and lasted for 6 weeks. The homeowners are enjoying their new space and loving its improved functionality and coastal atmosphere.  
If you have a bathroom or other space in your home that you are considering to renovate, contact Refresh Renovations today to schedule a consultation. Our team is ready to speak with you about turning your ideas into reality.

After picture: coastal blue luxurious master bathroom

After picture: coastal blue luxurious master bathroom

After picture: costal blue luxurious master bathroom

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This project was completed in
September 2022
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Project description
Full master bath renovation
United States
Project duration
6 weeks
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