Moving out during a home renovation

Generally, finding alternative accommodation during a renovation is the best option for everyone involved. Keep reading to find out why.

Moving out during a home renovation

So, you’ve decided to renovate. Now what? Refresh Renovations can support you with every stage of your renovation project; removing stress and providing you with a high-quality experience and result. For the best experience, you'll likely want to move out during the build stage of your renovation. Here's why.

Should I move out while my home is being renovated?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes - ideally. Even the best-kept construction sites will experience a lot of noise and construction dust. Particularly if you or someone within your household experiences respiratory issues, you’ll want to remove yourself from a construction site. Moving out will also provide a safer environment for young children and pets, and will allow your household to maintain their usual lifestyle and routine.  
Additionally, moving out will help to speed up the efficiency and timeframe of your renovation. For example, if you want to renovate both bathrooms within your home while you’re living at home, your renovation team will need to arrange this timeline around your family’s needs. If no-one is home, both bathrooms can be renovated at the same time - cutting the timeline of the project in half!

Where should I live during my home renovation?

Many Refresh Renovations clients use their home renovation as an opportunity to take a small family holiday. For some, this is a nearby staycation and for others, it means exploring a new destination. Some have even used it as an opportunity to surprise their children with new rooms for Christmas!
Wherever you choose to move to, there are plenty of accommodation providers that let you filter down searches to find accommodation that suits your needs and budget. Airbnb and both make it easy for you to search for accommodation within a specific location that suits your sleeping requirements, price range and dates. If you’re concerned about not being able to monitor your renovation while living off-site, don’t worry: we’ve got this covered too. You can check in on your project and communicate with your project manager any time and from anywhere using the Refresh Renovations online customer portal.    

How much will it cost to move out during my house renovation?

The cost of moving out for the duration of your renovation build will depend on your price range, household size and the timeline of your home’s build. You can find some good deals on Airbnb for as little as $50 - $100+ NZD* per night, in some regions. Alternatively, if you have a self-contained unit on your property, this may provide an ideal solution for some families.

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