Renovating in Nottinghamshire

There is no time like the present to redevelop and renovate your home. Nottinghamshire's significantly low property prices opens up a huge opportunity for renovations. Being connected to major road and rail routes, the demand for well-presented house is on the rise.

Renovating in Nottinghamshire

Set in the rural countryside of the East Midlands, North Nottinghamshire is fast becoming one of the most popular areas for property renovation in the North. Whether you’re an already in-the-know homeowner living in the area or looking to buy and ‘do-up’ somewhere new, North Nottinghamshire boasts affordable property, wide open grasslands and stunning country parks to tempt any potential homeowner.
renovated red brick houses in nottinghamshire
Formerly known as Bassetlaw, the North Notts district has two major towns for urban living – these are Worksop and Retford. The rest of the landscape is predominantly rural. The properties across the shire are an eclectic mix of country cottages steeped in a rich heritage, encompassing family estates and upmarket developments that are plenty affordable. Property prices across the region have jumped in value by around £39,000 in the last five years which means, that in terms of value, there is no time like the present to redevelop and renovate your home. The average selling price of a property across North Nottinghamshire is approximately £172,000 which also opens up a wealth of opportunities for renovation as this price is significantly lower than the UK average selling price of £228,300.
renovated house in Nottinghamshire
Newly renovated house in Nottinghamshire
As with much of the northern half of England, North Nottinghamshire has an extensive coal mining history that spans two centuries. Traditional redbrick properties are everywhere, adding to a rustic Old English charm. There are also hundreds of tiny villages that have conservational protection for their history.
Newton Fraser of Refresh Renovations North Nottinghamshire advises ‘it’s always a good idea to contact your local council before planning any sort of structural work, especially if it is situated in one of these rural villages. It’s the first thing we advise and check with for our clients, as renovating a particularly old property could mean conservational restrictions and it’s better to know well in advance where the red tape lies for building works.’ Much of North Notts is entirely flat; in fact this expanse of low lying land was originally a lake many years ago and has left behind rich, fertile sediment in the ground. This is great for your gardening but an even more important reason to complete a soil test to check the reactivity in the ground before you start with any sort of structural work on your renovation.
House extension in Nottinghamshire renovation
You can’t really talk about Nottinghamshire without mentioning the fabled Robin Hood and his escapades in Sherwood Forest. This is a point of fascination for young and old alike and enthusiasts can really delve into the myths and legends of the area. North Nottinghamshire has around 115,000 residents that currently enjoy a relaxed lifestyle; there’s 3 leisure centres, sprawling country parks, the Chesterfield canal and numerous golf courses to keep people of all ages active. The district received a large European funding grant in 2012 when it changed its name from Bassetlaw to North Nottinghamshire to help people identify the area. This influx of money into the shire has helped business investments grow and decrease unemployment, boosted the economy, encouraged growth in the area and increased property value.  The area has links to 5 universities and is connected to major road and rail routes, with easy access to Robin Hood and East Midlands Airports.

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North Nottinghamshire is a fantastic place to choose to live. For help and advice with your project or for an overall management of the task, contact Refresh Renovations North Nottinghamshire and we’ll help wherever we can.

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