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Cambridge is a good place to take on a renovation project with its high demand in the property market. Things you need to know before you start your renovation can save you time and money.

Renovated Cambridge house

If you live in Cambridge and want to renovate your property, or if you’re considering a move to this beautiful, historic city and are buying a house to renovate, local company Refresh Renovations specialises in home renovations in and around Cambridge.
So is Cambridge a good place in which to take on a renovation project? What do you need to know before you start your renovation? Let’s start by taking a look at the city itself.
Renovated houses in Cambridge
Cambridge lies about 50 miles north of London, and is increasingly popular for commuters into the capital because of its good rail links. The city is located in an area of level, low-lying terrain south of the Fens, with the wetlands that surrounded Cambridge drained as it has grown. Because of its location, summer temperatures tend to be higher than areas further west, and similar or higher than those in London.
It is impossible to talk about Cambridge without mentioning its world-famous (and world-class) university, founded in 1209. The city's skyline is still dominated by college buildings, and it has a large student population – around 20% of the approximate 125,000 population.
The centre of Cambridge is mainly commercial, historic buildings, and spacious green areas. The rise in population has meant new housing developments throughout the 20th and into 21st century. However, Cambridge is still enclosed by green belt land as a part of an environmental and planning policy dating from 1965. This policy helps to maintain green space, reduce urban sprawl, and prevent local villages from merging together or with the city itself.
House renovated in Cambridge
House prices in Cambridge average around £400,000, a 1% increase from 2017 to 2018, compared with a national increase of 2%. But if you’re looking for a home on the higher end of the scale, you have to be quick to snap one up in Cambridge. £1million+ properties are in demand and sell quickly, due to the city’s proximity to London, and because it is home to a hub of tech companies such as Microsoft and Huawei.  
Cambridge is a charming, historic city and offers easy access to London, but what else makes it such a great place to consider renovating?
Simon Kelliher from Refresh Renovations says, “Cambridge has been the home of one of U.K.’s greatest learning institutions for centuries, and as such has a great wealth of grand historical and modern architecture to draw inspiration from.”
Victorian House renovated in Cambridge
Victorian house in Cambridge fully renovated
If you already own a property in Cambridge, you’ll know that the city has seen some of the fastest house price appreciation in the country. This, as well as changes to stamp duty rules, means that now is a good time to invest in your home to add value, rather than upsizing.  
What factors do you need to consider before you start renovating? Simon says, “Given Cambridge’s historical significance, much of the city is made up of conservation areas and many of the buildings are listed for their historical significance. Gaining planning permission for your renovation designs can be difficult, so using an experienced renovation company is strongly advised.”
Turning a house into a beautiful home is the ultimate goal of any renovator. With its historic centre and easy commute from London, Cambridge offers the opportunity to transform a tired house into the home of your dreams
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