The easy solution when creating new wet areas

Saniflo's products make the seemingly impossible bathroom, kitchen or laundry installations possible. It's now easy and inexpensive to add wet area fixtures anywhere in the home. Find out whether Saniflo products are right for your next Refresh Renovation.

When Carla and John thought about selling their beautiful home the feedback they kept receiving was they needed an additional, private living space. As Carla said, “Because our home is open plan, there is no separate space for parents or kids to retreat to.”
The couple decided not to sell but they did wish to create an additional living area to use as a guest space, teenage rumpus room or a granny flat.
Identifying the perfect location was simple; the challenging part was making it a reality. The space available was behind the garage, underground and under the sewer mains. This presented some structural as well as plumbing challenges. Being under the sewer and stormwater mains ruled out traditional plumbing.
This is when Carla came across Saniflo. “The plumbing was basically impossible without Saniflo. We couldn’t have any water or appliances without them.”
To achieve Carla and John’s desired guest space, a Sanicubic 2 Pro was installed inside the closet, under the flooring. This pump enables the installation of a toilet, shower, dishwasher, washing machine and two sinks. Six applications all work with the same solution.

Once the pump was installed, the sky was the limit. Not only could Carla and John’s space have a complete bathroom, they were also able to install a kitchenette and a washing machine; everything their guests need to be self-sufficient.
Since completing their renovation, Carla and John have seen a significant increase in the number of visitors they receive. As Carla said, “It provides us and our visitors with privacy and it has given us another usable space. It has also added value to our home.”
Thanks to Saniflo, Carla and John have achieved their dream additional living area, creating a beautiful studio apartment out of dirt.

Saniflo Sanicubic 2 Pro Key Benefits:
- Innovative plumbing allows installation of underground wet areas
- The heavy-duty pump pushes waste water up to 11m vertically or 110m horizontally to the nearest sanitary drainage point.
- Enables the installation of a toilet, sink, shower, bathtub, washing machine, kitchen sink, dishwasher, and bidet in areas that don’t have conventional plumbing access
- Powerful and reliable with two motors and an integrated wireless alarm.
Saniflo is known for making the seemingly impossible bathroom, kitchen and laundry installations possible.  It is now easy and affordable to add wet area fixtures anywhere you desire. As with any plumbing product, you will need to get your local plumber to install a Saniflo product.
Unlike traditional fixtures, Saniflo opens up a world of possibilities for your dream bathroom, kitchen, laundry, studio apartment or powder room.

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