A Clever Garage Conversion to Elegant Apartment in Kings Langley, New South Wales

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A Clever Garage Conversion to Elegant Apartment in Kings Langley, New South Wales

A much-loved home transitions to meet a multi-generational family’s changing needs.

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The Initial Consultation

These homeowners first met their Renovation Consultants with clearly defined needs for their renovation. Fifteen years prior, they had moved out of their family home to make room for their daughter and her growing family.  Now their dream was to convert the double garage of that original family home into a self-contained apartment for themselves. This was a win-win for all concerned, as it meant they could downsize their own life, have the freedom to travel more, and stay connected to their family.
Joanne Yeomans of Issy & H Creative was welcomed on board for the interior design, and they worked together up until the final finishing touches, bringing the homeowners’ dreams to life.

Concept Creation and Costing

As the concept stage progressed, it became clear that the homeowners were adventurous with their design ideas, confidently incorporating bold colours. Yet, they made sure that their final choices would stand the test of time. As they were not in any particular rush, they were able to take a relaxed approach and understand the value of particular items, both from the quality of material and quality of life perspectives.  
Following close consultation with the Refresh Renovation Consultant and Joanne, the homeowners settled on sleek built-ins to maximise the functionality of their restricted space while keeping everything well proportioned. As the homeowners were very clear about their goals and expectations, both in terms of personal needs and budget, they were happy to invest in high-end products where they would deliver a significant impact. And once they were happy with the final designs, the Renovation Consultant returned an estimated budget, which came in at $190,000. 

Undertaking Construction

The construction phase was not without its COVID Challenges! The project experienced material shortages, price increases, and COVID shutdowns, through which the Renovation Consultant stayed in open communication with the homeowners, who were very understanding of the difficulties. At the completion of this renovation, the final cost came in at $222,000, including an upgrade in cabinetry and finishes. The clients also chose underfloor heating, which is often considered an unnecessary luxury but is actually a very efficient way to heat a room as hot air rises.
Other than COVID, some interesting considerations presented themselves, which the Renovation Consultant folded into the construction management process; these were things such as liaising with the manufacturer of the hybrid flooring to ensure warranties would remain intact when installed over underfloor heating, diligently ensuring the floor levels were correct to avoid potential complications, and working around the HSC student living upstairs who was sitting exams during construction.

The Converted Apartment 

As with most people, downsizing comes with challenges; for these homeowners, spaciousness, functionality, and finish were at the top of the list. The apartment needed to perform as a fully private, independent house, with laundry, storage and a full kitchen. Refresh Renovation Consultant was more than up for the challenge and found real joy in the homeowners’ collaborative approach.
In managing the design process, the Renovation Consultant coordinated with Joanne to ensure all of the homeowners’ requirements were included - resulting in a perfectly proportioned and fully functioning self-contained space. Inside, this apartment is packed with a full kitchen, bedroom, laundry, built-in pantry and wardrobes, and a spacious bathroom with an in-wall toilet and separate shower.  The design even includes an office, using borrowed space from the main house.

Modern Details

The homeowners opted for a palette of greys and blues to achieve an individualistic yet timeless design, accented with warm tones of orange, tan, and teal. 
The kitchen’s navy shiplap panelled cabinetry visually anchors the room. Meanwhile, the white walls and ceiling create a feeling of height and space, which is further enhanced by the recessed LED lighting.
In the bedroom, the decision was made to install full-wall mirrors, creating the optical illusion of the room being double its size. It also includes frosted glass windows, which do the double duty of maintaining privacy while bringing in natural light. These techniques are particularly effective in a lower ground apartment.
As for the bathroom, modern design takes over. The kitchen’s navy cabinetry is continued, making a striking statement against the cool grey tiling. And without drawing much attention, the frameless walk-in shower makes a sleek addition, fitting into the space seamlessly.

Final Thoughts 

The homeowners are overjoyed to have such a beautiful apartment so close to their family, allowing them to look forward to the next chapter of their lives in the comfort of modern design.  
Transforming a family home into something that suits everyone’s changing lives can bring many emotions along with it, and the Renovation Consultant’s high-level communication and project management skills ensured the entire renovation process was smooth from start to finish.

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This project was completed in
May 2022
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Project description
Garage Conversion to Apartment
Project duration
9 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Material supply and COVID restrictions
Interesting aspects
Clever use of space, underfloor heating, and navy blue cabinetry
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