A Compelling Character Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Wellington

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This Wellington villa now boasts a character-filled kitchen and eclectic bathroom, which carry the city's spirit of celebrated individuality

This Wellington villa now boasts a character-filled kitchen and eclectic bathroom, which carry the city's spirit of celebrated individuality.

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Taking the First Step

Nestled in the hills of Brooklyn, one of Wellington City’s leafy suburbs, this 1920s villa has a beautiful old-style character. But over the years, the kitchen and bathroom became more dated than they were charming. 
Homeowners Natalie and Ros decided to embark on a complete upgrade of both rooms to rectify water damage and re-build each with a personalised style. In addition, it was vital to establish more storage space as the home lacked this important element.
For professional assistance, they got in touch with local Renovation Partner Lia Boersma. With Lia and her Project Manager, Danielle Paul, the homeowners discussed every detail of their renovation plans before establishing a concept that would bring their creative visions to life.

Budget and Timeline

The final cost for Natalie and Ros’ renovation came in at $170,000. This total encompassed repair work of rotten flooring and moisture damage, along with the total transformation of the bathroom and kitchen. 
After a short 12 weeks, the project was complete, and Natalie and Ros were able to make full use of their renovated bathroom and kitchen. This quick process was thanks to Danielle’s diligent project management. She oversaw all aspects of the project, from sourcing materials to organising tradespeople, resulting in a significantly reduced timeline than if the homeowners had undertaken the renovation themselves.

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The Rustic Kitchen 

Natalie and Ros knew from the get-go they wanted to bring copper elements into the kitchen and, more sweepingly, create an eclectic look. Together with Danielle, they carefully crafted a unique kitchen design that hit all the marks.
The copper element is beautifully showcased in the kitchen’s penny round tile splashback. Each tile has been meticulously grouted in careful rows, giving a sleek feel to the rustic look. Furthermore, the softness of the tiling’s edges in a space usually reserved for uniform square tiling brings a dash of organised chaos. It’s a statement splashback, and it nails the challenge of creating harmony with contrasting elements. 
Pairing copper with navy cabinetry makes the kitchen look effortlessly expensive. The handleless cupboards and drawers run the kitchen’s length and create an additional nook for food preparation tucked in at the room’s end. It’s a unique structural layout that strategically provides plentiful storage and bench space while allowing for a spacious kitchen environment. 
The terrazzo-look benchtops and industrial pendant lighting perfectly balance out the delicate qualities of the splashback and navy cabinetry to construct a kitchen that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Completing the upgrade, matte black fixtures and shiny black appliances pull the room together – a motif carried through the rest of the renovation.  

The Industrial Bathroom 

For the bathroom, the homeowners envisioned a black and white design with an industrial twist. To keep the design cohesive with the kitchen, they continued using penny round tiling. White, grey, and black tiles make the sink’s splashback and are placed without care for a pattern. This disorganised colour placement creates a loud look that pairs exceptionally well with the school-style locker brought in for additional storage. 
The matte black locker makes a statement while fitting seamlessly into the bathroom’s design that features the same material finish across the tapware, dual showerheads, and towel rail. True to the theme, a wall-mounted soap dispenser adds a sense of academic nostalgia. 
But despite the playful bathroom design, the more functional details also have a large part in the room’s transformation. Using a sliding door for access has tactically saved space, while overhead lighting positioned near the locker and mirror makes both features easier to use. A large cupboard has also been established on the other side of the bathroom door to provide ultimate storage that can be accessed at any time. Overall, it’s the careful attention to detail that’s pulled this clever bathroom together.

A Spectacular Villa Renovation

Natalie and Ros are thrilled with their renovated villa. All water damage and rotten flooring issues have been rectified, their home has much more storage space, and both the kitchen and bathroom stand proudly with individual style.
Thanks to Danielle’s professional project management and Natalie and Ros’ impeccable taste, this 1920s villa has received a spectacular upgrade with a unique but tasteful interior design.

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This project was completed in
August 2021
Project description
Kitchen and bathroom renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
12 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Rotten flooring and moisture damage needed repairing.
Interesting aspects
Open-plan living and a contemporary kitchen.
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