A Complete Bathroom and Bedroom Makeover Adds Value in Mt Roskill, Auckland

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Tackling a much-needed plumbing project provided the perfect opportunity for this homeowner to create a full guest suite in Auckland Central.

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Perfect Time For A Transformation

A laundry leak and aged piping kick-started a complete bathroom and bedroom transformation in homeowner Herng’s, Mt Roskill home, thanks to the expert help of Refresh Renovations. Piping and plumbing needed replacing in Herng’s Auckland home, and a leaking laundry tub had also caused damage in an adjacent bedroom.
While Herng’s home looked fresh and bright from the street, the bathroom was seriously outdated and required a top-to-toe renovation to bring modern living to his character home. After reaching out to his local Refresh Renovation Consultants, Maree and John de Latour for a free initial consultation, Herng decided it was the perfect time for a bedroom and bathroom makeover of his 1920s bungalow.

Design Decisions

Herng was unsure what was possible for his home, so working with experienced Renovation Consultants, John and Maree, allowed him to consider a range of ideas, materials, and costings for his space. 
Once they had an understanding of what Herng wanted to achieve, which included the renovation of his home’s bathroom, laundry and a bedroom, John and Maree arranged for concept drawings to be prepared.
This stage of the Refresh process enabled Herng to review the proposed new layout, which included a completely upgraded bathroom, new floor, and a bedroom conversion that allowed room for a kitchenette. The new layout not only gave Herng a full guest suite, it also added value to his home and the concept drawings took into account the aged piping and plumbing that needed to be replaced as well.
Refresh’s end-to-end bespoke design service meant that everything was tailored to suit Herng’s lifestyle, taste, and budget. Herng was also able to spend time with John and Maree to finalize the designs, fittings, and fixtures, as well as the budget, before moving on to the build phase of his renovation.

A Seamless Construction Phase

Having settled on the design and budget for his home’s renovation, Herng could relax knowing the entire process was being professionally managed, with John and Maree as his single point of contact at every step of the way. Streamlining the communication also proved to be valuable for Herng, as despite the small footprint, the renovation to his property still required coordinating multiple tradespeople simultaneously. 
Maree and John enlisted the expertise of the plumber in the early stages of the project to tackle the ageing pipes and lay the new fittings for the kitchenette. From there, the rest of the contractors got to work; builders, electricians, and painters to name a few. Managing and scheduling so many contractors was seamlessly handled by John and Maree and the finished project was delivered within a short six weeks. 
The Refresh process of project management, from design to delivery, saved Herng countless hours of research and coordination time, as well as money, due to the efficiency and expertise that John and Maree brought to the project. They were also able to ensure there were no nasty surprises or accidents that could have arisen if Herng had undertaken the project himself.

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Light and Bright Transformation 

Herng’s renovation transformed a basic bedroom and rundown bathroom into light and airy rooms with contemporary appeal. Modern, sliding glass doors allow extra light and the illusion of more space in the bedroom, while the addition of a compact kitchenette and living area make it a perfect guest retreat.
A full-size fridge was included in the design of the kitchenette, which also features plenty of cupboard space and a spot for simple cooking. Neutral tones combine with the stainless-steel fridge and sink to create a welcoming possie to make a morning coffee.
The bathroom has been completely modernised with a spacious shower and floating vanity, while white fixtures and paint ensure the room feels fresh and clean. An edgeless mirror adds to the contemporary feel. New vinyl plank flooring in warm, wood tones connects the space throughout.

Final Thoughts

By working with John and Maree, his local Renovation Consultants, Herng was able to explore options for modernising and maximising his home space. The amount of work needed to replace piping and plumbing meant that renovating the bedroom and bathroom at the same time just made sense; a change which completely transformed Herng’s home. 
Maree is thrilled with the outcome: “It is a dramatic change and looks very modern and fresh, which is exactly what Herng was after,” she says.

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This project was completed in
May 2022
Project description
Bathroom renovation and bedroom conversion
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Aged, leaking pipes
Interesting aspects
Added kitchenette
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John de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

Maree de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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