A house renovation transformed by natural light in Wattle Downs, Auckland.

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A house renovation transformed by natural light in Wattle Downs, Auckland.

Needing to either move or renovate, Paula and her partner sought advice on their opportunities for renovation.

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Thinking back to where it began, Paula notes: “we wanted more out of our home but didn’t know quite what it was. Hence why we ended up calling Refresh Renovations.”
Introduced to thier local Renovation Specialist, Paula got straight to explaining their situation. Put simply; the couple couldn’t stay in their home as it was and wanted to explore what potential their property offered. 
After evaluating their space, their Renovation Consultant shared her ideas and expertise with the couple. Immediately, they understood her vision and were intrigued to learn more. Moving through to the design process, the designers drew together the details of the Renovation Consultant's idea.

Designing the Dream Space

All that Paula knew going into the renovation was that she wanted a new fireplace. They already had a wood burner which they had used for years and she was eager to see it replaced with a modern gas fireplace. This feature ended up becoming the centrepiece of the renovation.
Belonging to a quarter acre block the overall property was relatively small. This size created a restrictive feeling which theRenovation Consultant wanted to remove. With little to no extra room for expansion, she and her team sought to develop a spacious atmosphere themselves by implementing three design strategies:
1. Create an open-plan layout
2. Utilise unused space
3. Enhance with light  
These strategies ultimately shaped how the designers drew the designs and what fixtures they included in the finer details. Altogether, it was a feasible project that required a generous budget and a 9-week deadline. Excited by the final picture, Paula and her partner went ahead with the design and launched construction.

New Decking

Adding these small extensions made a significant improvement to the function of the house. 
The first and very noticeable extension was constructed at the entrance of the house to lengthen the walkway and create a front porch. With warm-toned timber, the builders installed the decking in large terraced platforms to offer an inviting experience at the front of the home.
They installed the same decking around the back of the property outside the laundry door. By providing this smooth step into the backyard, the extension makes for a much more comfortable exit and entry. 

Welcoming Light & Warmth

The entire house underwent an interior repaint with a fresh colour palette to lighten up the home. But this wasn’t the Renovation Consultant's only solution. She also had plans for bringing in more light.
Large floor-to-ceiling feature windows were installed throughout the property to bring more natural light into the home. Additionally, the team installed windowed bi-fold doors which gave the option for completely opening up the house. 
The team also upgraded all new and existing windows with double glazing during the installation of new joinery and roller blinds. Combined with new insulation, these elements do a lovely job of keeping the home warm.
And for the extra cold days? The couple’s dream gas fireplace, fixed in the middle of the living area, provides plenty of warmth. “We don’t put the lights on until much later in the day than we ever used to and the home is so much warmer,” says Paula.

The Elegant Living Space & Main Bathroom

The builders removed the wall dividing the kitchen and living room to establish an open-plan layout. This change made the area downright spacious and filled with light, creating an air of elegance. 
After developing this relaxed environment, the design called to install elegant fixtures that would maintain the lavish look. These installments included a large kitchen sink and statement lighting over the dining room table.  
The builders also demolished the old bathroom to make way for a new one. Opting for natural wood-textured vinyl flooring and a range of fixtures and matte black fittings from Showerwell Home Products, the team converted the space into a contemporary, main bathroom. 

The Master Suite

To upgrade the master suite into a spacious retreat, the team demolished the wall connecting the spare room next door. Instead of serving as another guest room, it would become a modern walk-in-wardrobe and ensuite for the master bedroom.
The renovation team did an outstanding job of making this room a standout space in the property. Installing two large sliding doors to separate the ensuite, walk-in-wardrobe, and bedroom, the renovation team brought more dimension to the area. 
Beautiful finishing touches include the solar tube that invites more light into the walk-in-wardrobe and the statement wallpaper, which creates bold texture.

Project Communication

“Being two people who worked full-time professional jobs, we were out of the house 12-14 hours a day. We weren’t always around to see what was going on,” says Paula.
For these reasons, the communication needed to be straightforward, understandable, and quick, which is what the couple experienced throughout the 9-week timeline. 
Paula mentions that the Refresh Renovations app was particularly invaluable for their communication with the Renovation Consultant and her team. She notes: “that’s where everything was kept. There was a calendar. It was how we messaged, asked questions - and all of that was tracked in there as well.”
With access to every project plan, daily schedule and a notice of who’s arriving on site, the homeowners felt very comfortable and organised throughout the renovation.

Final Thoughts

The renovation was a fantastic success! The outcome delivered a spacious, light, warm and lavish home which feels completely different from the original property. The homeowners couldn’t be happier with the work of the Renovation Consultant and her team.
Commenting on the final result, Paula exclaims, “We could never have got a house like this if we moved. It really has changed our lives.”

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Complete refresh experience
New Zealand
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9 weeks
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Adding a mezzanine level into the bedroom
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