A kitchen and laundry renovation in Wellington

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Refresh Renovations Specialist Mark Morrison worked with this homeowner to develop a feasible home renovation plan that suited her budget.

Refresh Renovations Specialist Mark Morrison worked with this homeowner to develop a feasible home renovation plan that suited her budget.

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When she originally reached out to Refresh Renovations, the owner of this 1994 family home inquired about renovating her kitchen, laundry, loft and deck. She wanted a small but smart new kitchen, a loft that could be used as a functional space and a new deck. Refresh Renovations Specialist Mark Morrison worked with his team to provide a cost estimate and feasible result. 

Laundry and kitchen design

After discussing the feasibility of the project and the costs involved, Mark’s client decided to prioritise renovating her kitchen and laundry. Efficient storage and a layout that flowed were two of her main design specifications. Mark’s team developed this into a finalised design and, once approved, ordered the materials required for the new kitchen and laundry room. From there, they scheduled in and managed a team of experienced contractors as they carried out the renovation.

Laundry and kitchen renovation

Demolition work was carried out before the new kitchen and laundry were built with new plumbing, electrics and plastering. New cabinets were built and installed as well as marble splashback tiles and new appliances. Mark’s team painted and decorated the new kitchen and laundry before presenting the homeowner with her updated living spaces.  
“The original timeline was for 56 days but the project was completed ahead of schedule in 49 days”, explains the project’s Manager Megan Russell. “This is because we had built-in contingency days around the builder, plasterer and painter: which are usually required. However, we did not need them for this project. We had minimal building work and no variations, which certainly helped. It was an awesome final result with a great kitchen and laundry design. The kitchen splashback looks really good.”

Final thoughts

In a 5-star Google review, Mark's client says it was a: "Professional, on-time, on-budget kitchen renovation with great project management. [The] end result looks fantastic."

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
New kitchen and laundry design, build, installation + painting.
New Zealand
Project duration
49 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
Moveable island bench
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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