A modern, open-plan layout in Wellington

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A modern, open-plan kitchen update with a new scullery, deck extension and built-in barbeque.

A modern, open-plan kitchen update with a new scullery, deck extension and built-in barbeque.

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With a few specific ideas in mind for their home update, homeowners John and Anneke were on the lookout for a company who could carry out the job in a way that worked for their busy lifestyle. After coming across Refresh Renovations online and then again through local advertisements, they decided to get in touch. They met with their local Refresh Renovations team to see if they were the right fit for the project. 
“What attracted us (to Refresh) was that we could do it in a staged approach with a concept, design, final quote and then construction”, says John. “We could do it in stages and have something at the end of each stage. We liked that approach.”
In their initial consultation with Renovation Specialist Lia Boersma, John and Anneke discussed their priorities. 
“Our primary objectives were to focus on the kitchen and the deck”, explains John. “We wanted to modernise the kitchen. It was about a 20-year-old kitchen so we wanted new joinery and modernised appliances. My wife wanted the washing machine in the kitchen. We wanted to make better use of the space that we had and we also wanted to have a scullery (or what we call a “butlery”) so that we could enjoy a larger storage area. ”
For the deck, John and Anneke wanted to update it so that it would be one consistent space that would enhance the property’s indoor-outdoor flow.    
“We had also wanted to modernise the bathrooms but didn’t realise how much money it was going to cost so we pulled that out of the scope.”

A new deck and kitchen design

Following the initial consultation, Lia and her team led John and Anneke through the Refresh design and build process.  
“What Refresh does is they have different people in different roles”, explains John. “They filled their roles really well. There was a person who was the initial salesperson (Lia) but she stayed on sort of as an account manager and saw it all the way through. Tina, the design consultant, came up with some really good ideas. There was Dani - the project administrator/project manager and Victor, who was on-site.”
Tina worked with John and Anneke to develop a design that suited their needs as well as their budget. 
“When we were looking at the colour of the paint, curtain selections etc. she was really very good”, says John. “Some of those things we did ourselves, we didn’t get Refresh to do them, but she still provided advice and ideas which was good.”
Once the design and costings were approved, Lia’s team took care of the project’s council consent applications, arranged for the delivery of supplies and scheduled in a builder, plumber, electrician, tiler, floor installer, kitchen installer, plasterer, painter and more - who Victor managed on-site. 

The house renovation 

“If there were any issues, which there always is with these sorts of things, Lia would fix those things very quickly”, tells John. “From a sales and account management perspective, it was done really well.”
Carried out in 2020, the project did come with COVID-19 related challenges.  
“COVID 19 halted the project halfway through completion, so we had to stop”, explains Lia. “Luckily, half of the kitchen was installed, so we were able to makeshift a benchtop and install a temporary sink and tap so that John and Anneke could use the kitchen throughout the lockdown.”
Once the lockdown restrictions were lifted, Victor oversaw the construction stage as the original kitchen was updated with a modern, functional design. The existing space was maximised, a butler’s pantry was built, the new laundry installed and an open-plan layout implemented across the kitchen, dining and living areas. A new ceramic benchtop was installed along with mosaic tiles and natural flooring. 
Outside, an Outdure deck extension was carried out and a built-in barbeque was constructed.    
“Victor did a good job”, says John. “A lot of the tradies aren’t so good at paperwork and Refresh took care of that. Between those two people, Dani and Victor, they did a really good job at making sure the project ends were tied up and that things were followed up. I enjoyed working with them. As a Project Manager myself, I understood what their roles were and who did what.” 

The final result

John and Anekke are now enjoying their modern, spacious layout and low-maintenance outdoor living space.
“We’re very happy with it. It works really well. The kitchen is modern. It has a very large scullery. My wife enjoys using the new appliances (I’m allowed to use them occasionally)”, laughs John. “It meets our expectations. What we thought we were going to get is what we got.”

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
A modern, open-plan kitchen update with a new scullery, deck extension and built-in barbeque.
New Zealand
John and Anneke
Project duration
8 months
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COVID-19 lockdown
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