An outstanding full-home renovation in Epsom

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A full home renovation in Epsom

Refresh Renovation specialist Corey Rambhai completed a full home renovation in Epsom over the course of 2 years!

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Homeowner Tim lived in his art deco house for five years before deciding to revitalize it and brought in Refresh renovations specialist Corey Rambhai to help. “I reached out to Refresh so that I would have an intermediary between us and the builders, that would help translate needs, wants, and issues between all parties,” reveals Tim. 
During their initial consultation, Corey made sure to understand exactly what Tim wanted. “Tim had a budget in mind before we started the renovation, which made things clear,” tells Corey. “Although the build and finishing extended the initial budget, every decision was driven by what the client wanted.” 

The house renovation

“The project was carried out over 2 stages and 2 years,” explains Corey, “The first part involved combining six different rooms into one open-plan living area and installing a new roof using structural steel. We then returned 2 years later to complete the bathroom renovation.” 
Corey and his team started by focusing on the kitchen, dining, and living areas. He revamped these spaces to create a contemporary open-plan design that flowed out into the deck, which was also renovated. 
The timeline for the first stage was ten weeks leading up to Christmas. “It was a very tough ask, but we managed to get there, more or less, working on Christmas eve until 9 p.m.” tells Corey. “I have to say, the clients, tradespeople, and suppliers, all came to the party and made it possible.” 
Two years later, Corey was brought in to complete the second stage: a complete remodel of their bathroom. When asked about challenges he faced, Corey reveals “We struggled to find an art deco vanity the clients liked, so we came up with the idea to use a sideboard and convert this to a vanity! Tim found one through TradeMe and our guys did the rest. We cut, straightened, and sealed it with a new coat of varnish. The end result is absolutely awesome!”
Corey ran into a similar issue when looking for the bathroom features. “It takes a lot of time finding the right vanity, sink, and tap that suits the design,” says Corey, “but it was a great experience customising everything to meet Tim’s needs!”

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Final thoughts

As the project came to a conclusion, Tim reveals “We’re very happy with the result. We were prepared and had a picture of what we wanted and Corey delivered just that!” His praise didn’t stop there, as he went on to declare “Corey is great. He actually listens and provides solutions. Usually builders just want to do things ‘their way’. I don’t understand why anyone would want the stress of managing a renovation when Refresh can make things easier for you!”   
It’s safe to say the feeling was mutual, as Corey adds “Having great clients like Tim who are flexible and understand renovations are fluid makes my job much easier.” When asked about his favorite aspect of the remodel, Corey explains “The entire result turned out great. The back of the house is actually usable now, with the great indoor-outdoor flow that didn’t exist before. My favorite feature is the sun bench that looks over the deck to the garden!”

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This project was completed in
June 2020
Project description
Full home renovation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
2 years
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Chiraag (Corey) Rambhai is Renovation Consultant of Recreate Construction Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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