A Fresh Kitchen and Repaired Roof in Khandallah

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A new kitchen

Wanting a modern fresh feel in her home, this Khandallah homeowner decided to renovate her kitchen in a contemporary style.

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The Initial Consultation

In Wellington’s suburb of Khandallah, with the Ngaio Gorge Road winding below and homes positioned high on the lower slopes of Mt Kaukau, it can often feel as if you’re living amongst the clouds. The view is beautiful, on a clear day, but the frequent mist isn’t ideal if the roof of your 1940s weatherboard home is leaking.

Unfortunately, this was the case for homeowner Bridget. She needed to get her property’s roof sorted and wanted to freshen up its dated kitchen. After contacting Refresh Renovations, Bridget was connected with local Renovation Consultant Mark Morrison who led her through the renovation process.

Determining the Cost

After discussing Bridget’s goals during their initial consultation, Mark carefully considered all aspects, from refinishing the floors and repositioning walls to colour schemes and decor. Once they had determined the project’s scope, Mark quoted the final cost at $130,000. The scope included all the upgrades Bridget hoped to make, and she was happy with the value she’d be getting from the overall price. 

Well-Managed Construction

Once Bridget confirmed the renovation plans, Mark obtained building consent from the council for the repairs work they’d be doing on the roof and the structural changes in the kitchen. 

Mark and his Project Manager, Megan Russell, worked closely during the construction phase to see that everything ran smoothly. Megan’s excellent relationships with their network of tradespeople meant she had no problem ensuring high-quality results. 

Leaks in a membrane roof generally result from improperly sealed seams or shrinkage. This time around, after re-pitching the roof, the team installed a steel roof which is easier to maintain and has over double the lifespan of a membrane roof. Bridget also requested Seratone be used for the interior work, a durable, single pane fibreboard known for resistance to stains and moisture damage. Finding tradies who are familiar working with Seratone can be difficult, but thanks to Megan’s professional contacts it was no problem at all.

The new plans kept the kitchen layout mostly the same, but a few simple changes opened the space up. Removing and rebuilding three walls and replacing an oversized closet with a more practical one made all the difference in transforming the kitchen and connecting it to the formal dining area.

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A Clever Kitchen

The finished design has even more storage than the previous kitchen yet is far less cramped. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards carry into the new kitchen with a more subdued tone, keeping the style timeless.

For a high-end, contemporary feel, engineered stone benchtops proved to be a great selection and are bordered by a glossy white Seratone splashback in a herringbone pattern. Seratone is installed as a single panel and requires minimal joinery, making it easy to clean and ideal splashback material.
Clever touches are apparent throughout the design. To the left of the new double ovens is an area with bench space, a petite sink, and open shelving — a mini-kitchen in its own right. The front of the breadmaker and crockpot’s designated drawer is half-height. With the open top half, other appliances are accessible for Bridget to use without having to take them out. 

Another smart solution is the kitchen island on wheels. The moveable island is a seamless addition to the kitchen bench without restricting access to the exterior door. 

To complete the renovation, the sage and maple toned walls have been refreshed with a new coat of paint. And the natural hardwood floors are now restored to their original state, enhancing the attractive striations lost in the previous stain. 

Final Thoughts

The finished design has certainly resulted in a newer, fresher feel for Bridget’s home. The Seratone was an ideal choice and Bridget can rest easy knowing the new steel roof will protect the updated interior.

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This project was completed in
February 2022
Project description
Wanting a modern fresh feel in her home, this Khandallah homeowner decided to renovate her kitchen in a contemporary style.
New Zealand
Project duration
60 days
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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