Creating Open-plan Living in St Johns, Auckland

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Removing walls and upgrading fixtures has transformed this home's kitchen and lounge into a large, modern living area.

Removing walls and upgrading fixtures has transformed this home's kitchen and lounge into a large, modern living area.

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Designing the Concept 

Airy and spacious, open-plan living areas are a staple of the modern home. Ted, the owner of this property, was looking to renovate his existing kitchen and living area. He dreamt of bright, open-plan living and reached out to Refresh for assistance.
Working with local Renovation Specialist Jim Gleeson, Ted explored the most effective ways to achieve open-plan living. The floor area was large and had plenty of potential, but they needed to work around a load-bearing wall. In solution, Jim strategised a plan to remove the walls while keeping the post. 
The kitchen was also due for an upgrade. Initially featuring old wooden cabinetry and maroon coloured splashback tiles, the colourway was tired and clashed with the outdated pink carpet that lined the living room. Re-designing these spaces became a large part of the renovation and was approached with a focus on modernity.

Project Costing and Timeline

The overall cost for this kitchen and lounge renovation came in at $71,000. 
As for the construction timeline, the original schedule had to extend after Jim and his renovation team discovered water damage that needed repair. While also handling an external delay with material delivery, Jim managed to keep construction as close to the original schedule as possible, which only required extending by ten days.

Built for Modern Living

Through strategic planning, Jim and his renovation team successfully created open-plan living between the kitchen and lounge while keeping the load-bearing post. 
Refreshing this spacious interior, the homeowner chose a minimalistic colour palette of white, cool greys, and light-toned wood. These colours feature across the kitchen and lounge. A notable addition is the beautiful wood flooring which was imported from Switzerland. 
Breathing life into the kitchen, new white cabinetries and modern appliances have really lightened up the space. Though, the real star of the show is undoubtedly the grand kitchen island. This fixture provides a large benchtop that allows enough room for home cooks to prepare meals and for friends or family to pull up a barstool.

Final Thoughts

This renovation has done more than open up space between the kitchen and lounge. It has entirely transformed both rooms into a brighter, modern living area. 
Without walls dividing the space, natural light is more abundant throughout. This warmth compliments the new, minimalist interior perfectly. 
The project has ultimately re-designed the heart of the house, establishing it with a timeless style and enhanced functionality - advantages to be enjoyed for years to come. 

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This project was completed in
June 2021
Project description
Creating open-plan living.
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Working with a load-bearing wall
Interesting aspects
Built-in bookshelves, library paneling, and feature lighting
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Jim Gleeson is Renovation Consultant of KKG Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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