A Gorgeous Green Kitchen and Stylish Laundry in Epsom, Auckland

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A unique colour palette creates a kitchen with a distinct personality.

In this mid-century home renovation, bold colour schemes have created a distinctive character in both the kitchen and laundry room.

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Preparing to Renovate

Ruth and Jonathan, the owners of this Epsom home, had previously enjoyed a great experience with Refresh Renovations’ sister company Zones Landscaping. So when the time came to renovate, they approached Dave Georgetti, their local Renovation Partner from Refresh, for professional assistance with updating their kitchen and laundry.
The rooms were not up to the same standards as the rest of the home; the kitchen was dark and outdated, while the laundry lacked storage space and had also aged poorly. However, there was plenty of potential to renew the rooms with a contemporary design. 
In the early stages of the renovation process, Dave introduced Ruth and Jonathan to Interior Designer Jane Beehre, who helped them navigate the endless opportunities for creating bespoke interiors. Together, they established concepts that would transform each room into brighter, more functional spaces, with character fitting of their mid-century modern home.

Undertaking Construction

Construction began in the kitchen, with the first priority being to install two Velux skylights. These installations were the best solution for improving the room’s brightness, allowing natural light to fill the space. This process involved moving the HRV ducting and solar panels — though it was entirely worth it for the fantastic results. 
The kitchen’s layout worked well, so it remained unchanged. Ruth and Jonathan also wanted to retain the existing flooring and keep parts of the cabinetry where possible to reduce waste. While the floorboards were beautiful, they proved difficult to work with as they were slightly uneven. To remedy this, Dave came up with a solution that involved customising the cabinetry’s toe kicks and the bottoms of the tall doors to keep everything aligned.
Altogether, the entire renovation was carried out over six months, starting in October 2020 and being completed in mid-March of 2021 due to manufacturer delays. Although there was a Christmas break in the middle of construction, Dave ensured the kitchen was functional for use over the holiday period. After completion, the final cost came in at $50,347. 
Supplies used in the home’s renovation include wallboard from GIB, building materials from Mitre10, paint from Resene, skylight windows from Velux, and kitchenware from Kitchen Things.

The Gorgeous Green Kitchen 

Working with the existing flooring was important to Ruth and Jonathan; they wanted to ensure the new design would complement the natural timber. And this ambition has certainly been achieved by way of a bold, green colour scheme. 
Jane, the Interior Designer, helped the homeowners decide on the perfect combination of colours, tiles, cabinets, and handles to establish a bespoke look for the kitchen. These new improvements have each had a significant impact on the room’s style. But it’s also worth highlighting that the removal of cabinets from the back wall has created the illusion of a larger interior.
Taking up the new wall space, a subway-tiled splashback in varying shades of green makes a striking statement. The overhead, exposed timber cabinets combine exceptionally with this tiling, just as they do with the original flooring. 
Opting for a combination of pale blue and deep green for the cabinets was a fantastic design choice in this renovation, as the subtleness of the blue tone allows the green to remain a stunning feature. A deep basin with silver tapware and mini-fridge installation make excellent final additions to this renovated kitchen, establishing a convenient contemporary space.

A Unique Laundry Room

New cabinetry, a spacious benchtop, and an upgraded sink have made a tremendous difference to the functionality of this renovated laundry room. With more storage room and working space to use, the room has become much more inviting for taking care of household tasks. 
But despite the large practical improvements, it’s the tiled splashback that captures all attention. The tiles feature unique blue patterns and have been placed in no particular order, bringing a sense of organised chaos into the design. And to complete the room, silver tapware and handles perfectly tie everything together.

A Successful, Mid-Century Home Renovation

The kitchen is truly a work of art. Using deep green colours and exposed timber materials has created a stunning design that fits the home’s mid-century character. And further to stylistic updates, the large Velux skylights have captured plenty of natural light, while practical improvements to the cabinets have upgraded the overall functionality. 
The laundry has also transformed into a highly functional and beautiful space, with plentiful storage and a one-of-a-kind splashback. The results ultimately reflect Ruth and Jonathan’s vision, which Dave and his renovation team have brought to life with care and attention to detail.

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This project was completed in
October 2021
Project description
Kitchen and Laundry Renovation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
6 1/2 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Uneven flooring and kitchen manufacturer delays.
Interesting aspects
A yellow tiled splashback, oak flooring, and brass fittings.
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