Ditching Monolithic Cladding in Favour of a Monumental Makeover in Ashhurst, Manawatu

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Complete Reclad

The cladding on this Ashhurst property was outdated in both style and functionality. With a cracked and leaky exterior, this home needed a transformation.

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Out with the Old

Monolithic cladding first gained popularity throughout Aotearoa in the 1920s and 1930s when it was commonly used for Art Deco style homes. Texture-coated fibre cement, similar to stucco, became the go-to material for monolithic cladding in the 70s. But, owing to its thin application and exposure to the elements, it is susceptible to cracking and, without regular maintenance, these cracks lead to leaks and water damage.
Jackie, the owner of this single-storey Salisbury home, was all too familiar with the woes of monolithic cladding. Riddled with cracks, the exterior was no longer providing a protective barrier. Jackie was concerned about her leaky home and keen to remedy the problem. She reached out to Refresh Renovations for assistance investigating and resolving issues around her cladding and was connected with local Manawatu Renovation Consultant, Wayne Gordon.  

Assessing the Damage

Jackie and Wayne discussed her goals for the renovation; she was more concerned with the results than with the budget and was aware that the complexities posed by this project would require patience. 
The remedial process for a leaky home is lengthy. Over the course of this two-year project, Wayne worked closely with multiple specialists. Initially, they needed to assess the damage so the crew opened up the exterior and Wayne arranged for leaky homes assessors to investigate. After identifying and diagnosing the issues they formulated a plan to remedy the problems and give Jackie a warm, dry home.

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Re-Cladding and Final Inspections

Next in was the local council. Cladding projects like this in Manawatu require council consent, which Wayne arranged on Jackie’s behalf. Dealing with local body regulations can be a hassle, but luckily Jackie didn’t have to worry about that. 
The framing work required inspection, and the pre-wrap and wall cavities need approval. Each aspect was granted consent and the team was free to progress the project. During the costing phase, Wayne estimated the cost would be $92,300. When the crew finally wrapped up the project, the final cost came in at $95,800; the $2,500 variation being caused by additional electrical work. The last step was to pass the final cladding inspection. Once they obtained approval, Jackie’s transformative home renovation was complete.

Clean Results

Jackie’s property is now the most notable on the block. Black corrugated steel strikes a stark contrast to the rest of the traditional-style homes it’s surrounded by. Selecting white joinery for the window and door frames solidifies the bold, modern style and leaves any remnants of the 1970s stucco exterior far behind. While Jackie is thrilled with the aesthetic results, the bigger reward is being able to relax in her home knowing the leaks and cracks have been dealt with once and for all.   
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This project was completed in
July 2022
Project description
Complete Reclad
New Zealand
Project duration
2 years
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Actual cost
A lengthy remedial process
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Bold contrasting colours
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Wayne Gordon is Director, Operations Manager & Renovation Consultant of Radian Group Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Manawatu.

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