Kitchen Remodel for Suburban Home in Yokine, Perth

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This kitchen has undergone a complete modern upgrade, featuring an improved layout, sleek design, and crisp colour scheme.

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Getting Started

Yokine homeowners Cindy and Dieter were tired of their kitchen’s impractical layout, lack of storage space and a small pantry. In addition, they were interested in updating their home’s flooring. It wouldn’t be a minor project to undertake. So they sought professional assistance from local Renovation Consultants Jason and Michelle Zielinski.
Jason and Michelle were their main point of contact throughout the project and started the process with an initial consultation to determine precisely what Cindy and Dieter wanted to accomplish. Their overarching goals were to update the kitchen with a clean, practical design and freshen up the flooring throughout the home’s entrance, kitchen, dining area, and lounge. Once they’d discussed the details in depth, Cindy and Dieter felt confident with having Jason and Michelle lead the renovation and happily continued into the concept design phase. 

Evaluating the Budget

Many renovations are led by budget, but for Cindy and Dieter, their main concern was getting the layout right and the finish perfect. So Jason and Michelle arranged for a design to be drawn up with every detail the homeowners desired before assessing the necessary budget – which came in at $67,171. They were happy with this cost, and it ended up being the final price of the finished renovation.

Construction Time

The kitchen renovation required extensive work as it wasn’t only a matter of redesigning and replacing but rather restructuring. After the demolition team had sufficiently cleared out the original kitchen, the plumbers, electricians, and builders came in to make installations for the improved layout. This work involved new wiring, plumbing, brickwork, and gyprocking. 
Following preparation for the new kitchen, the cabinets, benchtops, fixtures, and fittings were all installed, creating a sleek interior that’s much more practical to use. All the while, the home’s main living areas were renewed with beautiful grey stone tiling, and the staircase was refurbished with dark timber.
The renovation took 14 weeks to complete, which was only slightly extended from the initial timeline due to a post-installation change requested by the homeowners. They wanted to adjust the height of the kitchen’s wall-mounted cabinets. This was no problem for Jason and Michelle, who quickly arranged to have the alterations made and completed to an excellent standard.
Supplies used in the renovation include materials from Harvey Norman Commercial, Tiles Expo, Choices Flooring, and Hafele.

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The Fresh-faced Kitchen 

Swapping out the previously G-shaped kitchen for an open layout with an L-shaped kitchen island has completely opened the space. Cindy and Dieter no longer need to walk around the entire benchtop to enter the kitchen – it’s now accessible from either side. 
The new layout has quite significantly transformed the kitchen into a sleek and spacious atmosphere, which is only further enhanced by the crisp white colour scheme and minimalist interior design. And for a unique point of difference, a metallic blue Hafele splashback adds a tasteful pop of colour that doesn’t take away from the clean look.
Thanks to the new walk-in pantry and ample cabinetry, there’s also plenty of concealed space to store away food and kitchenware. These additions are excellent practical improvements. However, they also contribute to the kitchen’s sleek appearance by allowing the black stone benchtops to remain clutter-free.

Sophisticated Flooring

Throughout the entrance, kitchen, dining room, and lounge, the floors have been upgraded with grey tiling from Tiles Expo. The cool-toned colour lends itself quite nicely to the home’s crisp white interiors, making for an ultra-modern look.
As for the home’s staircase, dark timber from Choice Flooring has upgraded the previously carpeted steps. The wood will wear much better than carpet does and ultimately creates a more refined, elegant appearance.
A Successful Renovation
Overall, this renovation has breathed new life into Cindy and Dieter’s home. New flooring has modernised the property throughout the main living areas, while the renovated kitchen has entirely transformed into a sleek, functional space. The homeowners are thrilled with the results, as is Jason and Michelle, who thinks the kitchen is particularly stunning. 
“The new kitchen looks fresh, minimalist, and modern; it’s all the things the homeowners were looking for” – Jason, Renovation Consultant.

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October 2021
Project description
Kitchen renovation and flooring renovation
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14 weeks
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Jason Zielinski is Renovation Consultant of Vibe WA Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Australia PTY Ltd, doing business in Perth.

Michelle Zielinski is Renovation Consultant of Vibe WA Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Australia PTY Ltd, doing business in Perth.

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