Laundry and bedroom renovation in Pensacola, Florida

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An ensuite bathroom addition, a built-in closet, and outdoor access transformed this Florida home into a functional and multi-purpose space.

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A Refresh Renovations consultant worked on this Pensacola property to improve its functionality and style. The homeowners wanted to make the most out of the space that they had while staying within a set budget. The renovation consultant and her team provided the family with a design, taking into account their ideas and specifications.

Laundry and bedroom design

“The homeowners wanted to utilize the laundry room for a dual purpose, to turn it into an ensuite bathroom while keeping a stackable washer/dryer unit in the space”, tells the renovation consultant. “They also wanted to transform the bedroom (which was connected to the ensuite) into an official bedroom, by building a closet. In addition to the closet, they wanted to have better access to the backyard, and decided to remove a window and install a sliding door, along with a small landing deck and stairs.” 
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The renovation consultant worked closely with her clients to refine the design details until they were in-line with their desired budget. Hayley also advised them of the permits which the project would include. With the clients’ approval, the permits were taken care of and the project began. 
Focusing on the laundry room, the renovation consultant managed her team as they carried out the conversion. This involved building a wall for the shower’s plumbing to be installed within, installing a ventilation system, repainting the walls and installing a vanity, shower, toilet and washer/dryer unit. As a result, the room is now a peaceful and functional multi-purpose space.
shower addition renovation

Bedroom and laundry renovation

In the bedroom, the team removed an existing window and re-framed the area for the installation of a new sliding door which now leads out to a newly-built landing deck and down onto the backyard. A closet was also built, which adds storage and usability to the room. Wire shelving and a bi-fold door were the final touches. 
bedroom remodel by refresh renovations pensacola

Final result

Ensuring they left the house in top condition, the renovation consultant's team also installed smoke alarms and carried out some minor electrical improvements. Within just four weeks the homeowners were presented with their updated home; completed on budget. 
“The renovation ended up creating a little oasis at the back of the house,’’ says the renovation consultant. “The homeowners now have an en suite and easy access to the backyard (perfect for their dog), and brightening up the bedroom.” Working with Refresh allowed the homeowners to redesign the layout of their home to their particular specifications. As a result, they are now enjoying a customized space that is unique to their requirements and style.
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This project was completed in
December 2019
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Project description
Laundry and bedroom renovation
United States
Project duration
4 weeks
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