Modern updates for kitchen and laundry in Beaumaris, Melbourne

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Going off the recommendation of both family and a friend, this Beaumaris homeowner engaged Refresh Melbourne to manage her upcoming kitchen renovation.

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Coming highly rated

Homeowner Jenny had seen Refresh in action during the renovation of both her mother’s and friend’s properties. Each project had gone well so she sought a referral as she was considering a renovation of her owner. Jenny’s mother’s renovation entailed updates to her kitchen and bathroom; similarly, she was after a kitchen and laundry makeover. 
Melbourne Renovation Consultant Leigh McDonald had executed both of her connections’ renovations so Jenny trusted in his ability and professionalism. She’d already been shopping around for kitchen appliances and was ready to get moving, so Leigh visited Jenny’s Beaumaris project to kick things off. 

Defining the scope

During their initial consultation, Jenny explained that she needed additional storage space, specifically in the kitchen but also in the laundry area and entryway which had become overrun with hats, jackets, and sports gear. She anticipated spending around $60,000 but was flexible as long as she achieved the result she was after. 
Moving forward, the two discussed the scope and plan. Jenny had already sourced the core appliances herself and agreed that Leigh would fill in the blanks. A big unknown for the project was the state of the subfloor in the kitchen. No one knew the material nor what state it was in, so they agreed that it was a bridge they’d cross when they got to it.  

Collaborating to achieve the goal

Demolition marked the beginning of the construction phase. The first step was to identify the status of the subfloor. Jenny was hoping there was timber to refurbish but, after tearing up the existing layer, the crew discovered linoleum and masonite board. This meant pivoting the plans to accommodate flooring installation. 
Jenny opted to arrange the flooring contractors independently which proved to be challenging as Leigh had to work around an unrelated team that wasn’t privy to the existing plans. But the collective goal was to deliver a great result for Jenny so Leigh was diligent in coordinating the timeline as cohesively as possible. 
There was a slight delay because Leigh’s team couldn’t finalise their portion until the flooring was done — installing and sanding the timber floorboards and curing the epoxy flooring. They’d already completed the electrical, plumbing, joinery, and tile installation, so there was a brief pause in their work.

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Getting the job done

Ultimately, Leigh’s hard work paid off and both teams finished their work in a quick five weeks. The final cost came to $71,251 which includes the flooring updates as well as the initial scope. 
The high-contrast motif not only applies to the colour scheme but design styles as well. Black cabinets and a white splashback set a bold backdrop for the marbled stone countertops while the farmhouse sink and rustic floorboards bring a tinge of charm for the otherwise ultra modern design. Down the hall, beadboard and butcher block are the charming elements that tie the spaces together and the clean laundry area serves as a transitional passage between the two. 

Final Thoughts

Despite the hiccup with the flooring, Leigh’s expert project management still proved to be top tier and his professional demeanour was evident as he worked closely with another team for the benefit of his client.  Jenny is rapt with her new spaces and loves the contrast between the black cabinetry and natural timber floors.

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This project was completed in
April 2023
Project description
Kitchen and laundry renovation
Project duration
5 weeks
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Working with another team unexpectedly
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Modern design with charming features
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Leigh McDonald is Renovation Consultant of 27 MAC Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise , doing business in Melbourne

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