Open-plan functional kitchen and laundry renovation in Mt Eden, Auckland

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Open-plan functional kitchen and laundry renovation in Mt Eden, Auckland

The new abstract colour palette and spacious environment have developed this home as an entertainer's dream.

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This homeowner had previously worked with the architects Creative Arch on a renovation design, though they never established it into a fully actionable plan.
Wanting to revisit the designs - but with a Renovation Specialist this time round - the homeowner reached out to Refresh Renovations. 
From there, they met with Dave Georgetti, their local specialist, who was enthusiastic about jumping on board and collaborating with the previous architect.

A Collaborative Design

Dave began the process by engaging with the architects and re-briefing the project to get it moving forward. Taking a look at the previous designs, the group used their collective expertise to decide on the best option for the property.
The chosen layout detailed a complete reconfiguration of the home’s main features to make it more functional. It was a fantastic design, but still had details and planning yet to be completed. So Dave and his team worked closely with Creative Arch to finish the design together. 
After confirming the project feasibility, Dave had the cost and timeline assessed. For the project to undergo construction, it required a fixed budget of $100,000 and a three-month timeline. Happy with these aspects and eager to begin, the homeowner arranged with Dave for construction to go ahead. 

Shifting the Laundry

The laundry initially sat at the end of the home’s wide hallway; opposite the front door, which sat at the other end. But this layout wouldn’t remain much longer. Instead, the design had planned for the front door to take over the laundry’s space. To make way, the building team removed the laundry space from the end of the hall and prepared to rebuild it in the garage.
Removing the laundry was a particularly excellent decision as it left behind a minimalist hallway with stylish tiled flooring and freshly painted off-white walls. It was a blank canvas which was just what the homeowner needed to showcase their art. 
What’s more, they opted for a bold red colouring of their new front door. It’s a real statement and one that sings in this contemporary interior.

A Better Flow

Outside the front of this new red door, the renovation team built dark timber decking to establish a more welcoming entrance. The continued crafting this inviting atmosphere throughout the property by painting walls with the fresh colour palette polishing the warm-toned timber floors to make the house look better than ever before.
Before the front entry found its natural place, the original designers had situated it on the back deck. This section, which is much more suited for outdoor entertaining than new arrivals, was renovated to fulfil its more useful purpose. The builders upgraded the area by installing a broad set of aluminium sliders which gave an excellent flow to the deck and sheltered garden.
With the entry and exit points reconfigured, the new layout invites deliveries and visitors without them needing to open the garden gate and walk across the front deck. Just as beneficial, the garden/decking area can now be a private space without interruptions.

Flipping the Kitchen

Possibly the most exciting element of the home is now the kitchen. Contemporary, full of abstract colour and an industrial edge - the room has become a highly-functional dream location for any entertainer.
The layout itself was flipped in this renovation to make better sense of the open-plan area. With the kitchen moved to the opposite end, it now sits in front of the new sliding doors that open to the deck. Soaking in pools of natural light that stream through the doors, the kitchen has become a much more desirable place to cook, talk or simply hang out.
Featuring a grey engineered stone benchtop and handleless modern white cabinetry, the minimalist-style kitchen makes the home all the more cool in contrast with its bold art decor and expansive atmosphere.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
Complete reconfiguration of home
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
3 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
A lot of framing and foundation work
Interesting aspects
Installation of larger feature windows
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Dave Georgetti is Renovation Consultant of Georgetti Improvements Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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