Open-Plan Interior Renovation Captures Lakeside Views in Huntly, Waikato

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This 1980s property was renovated to modernise its dated interiors with an open-plan layout and make the most of the lakeside views.

This 1980s property was renovated to modernise its dated interiors with an open-plan layout and make the most of the lakeside views.

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Plenty of Potential

After purchasing this 1980s property in 2020, homeowner Iain sought professional assistance with undertaking a necessary renovation. 
With incredible views of Lake Hakanoa, the brick-faced beauty had the location factor that Iain was after, but the interiors were dated, dark, and not making the most of the surrounding views. What this property needed was a thorough interior upgrade. 
Iain’s main priorities for the renovation were to make the interiors more functional and fresh with a modern design. And with the help of Renovation Partners Lawrie and Mandy Foster, these ambitions eventually became a reality. 

Concept Creation and Project Costing

When Lawrie and Mandy initially spoke with Iain, he expressed that he had a certain budget in mind, along with a comprehensive list of improvements to make, including wall removal, new flooring, interior painting, and a bathroom upgrade.
Lawrie and Mandy devised a concept that would achieve all of Iain’s goals. However, the scope was extensive and required a larger budget. In solution, they broke down and prioritised the upgrades, ensuring that the ‘must-haves’ would be delivered and that the ‘wish-list’ came immediately after. 
At the time, the home’s lounge and kitchen were separated by a very 80s wood-panelled wall, closing off both rooms and restricting the natural light. Iain’s primary goal was to open up this main living area to take advantage of the lake views and make it a place for entertaining, so this became the project’s main objective. Anything other upgrades that fell within the budget were a bonus.
After Lawrie and Mandy finalised the new concept designs with Iain, they were able to quote the project accurately. All up, the interior renovation was estimated to cost $110,000 – a price that fit within Iain’s budget – and the final cost came in on the exact number. 

An Efficient Build Phase

Planning to host Christmas in his newly renovated home, Iain was happy that construction moved quickly across six short weeks. The wall dividing the kitchen and lounge wasn’t load-bearing, so it didn’t require any intensive structural change, and the renovation team worked diligently to complete the interior upgrades with a high-quality finish.
Iain’s brother was the one who initially suggested reaching out to Refresh Renovations. And after learning about how Renovation Partners Lawrie and Mandy could handle the entire project, he was sold. This project required numerous tradespeople, including builders, electricians, plumbers, and painters – all of whom were coordinated and managed by Lawrie and Mandy. To that, Iain says, “They made my life so easy and took away any stress from the project.” 
Materials used in this renovation include wall linings from GIB, hardware and tapware from Placemakers, appliances from Heathcote Appliances, flooring from Choices Flooring, and tiling from Tiles on Devon

Open-plan Living and Fresh Interiors

No longer looks stuck in the 80s; this property has undergone a fantastic transformation. The new open-plan layout creates a spacious main living area that’s filled with natural light. And the kitchen, which previously had no view of the neighbouring lake, now looks out to the stunning scenery.
With Lake Hakanoa well within view, Lawrie and Mandy achieved the ‘must-have’ and were able to move on to the ‘wish-list’. Luxury vinyl tiling was used in high-traffic areas like the home’s entrance, laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen. LVT is a great cost-effective choice, providing long-lasting durability and an elegant look. Additionally, fresh wall paint and plush new carpeting have renewed the rest of the home, creating bright modern interiors with maximum comfort.

An Entertainer’s Kitchen

Entirely different from its original 80s build, the kitchen’s design beautifully captures modern interior style. New white cabinetry with silver hardware provides a fresh look, complemented perfectly by the feature splashback in varying shades of soft blue. And in contrast, the dark grey benchtops and matching Bosch appliances contribute a sleek look, along with significant functional improvements. 
Ample bench space is useless if filled with clutter, but that will never be a problem since the new layout offers plenty of storage space. There’s even a mini-fridge flanked with built-in shelving for additional wine storage – the perfect detail for an entertainer’s kitchen. The area has indeed become the hub of the home and offers seating for five up at the benchtop, making it an excellent space for hanging out. 

Final Thoughts

The results of this 1980s home renovation are fantastic – so much so that Iain’s brother, the one who initially suggested he reach out to Refresh, has enlisted Lawrie and Mandy’s help with his renovation as well. 
Iain had a wonderful experience working with Lawrie and Mandy and is equally thrilled with the results. “I am absolutely blown away with the entire project. The kitchen is by far truly amazing,” he says. 
“I would highly recommend Refresh Renovations, especially Mandy, Lawrie and their team” – Iain, the homeowner.

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This project was completed in
October 2021
Project description
Interior upgrades and a kitchen renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
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Interesting aspects
Dumawall tiling in concrete and marble-look textures.
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Lawrie Foster is Renovation Consultant of Progressive Design Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Waikato.

Mandy Foster is Renovation Consultant of Progressive Design Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Waikato.

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