Raising the Roof on a Major Transformation in Viewbank, Melbourne

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These Viewbank homeowners were ready to give their property a fresh look starting from the top down with a new roof, updated exterior, and beautiful new kitchen.

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From the Outside, In

This Viewbank home’s construction track record already spans a few decades with its initial build in 1968 and an extension in 1986. Between the original structure and the extension combined, there were several roof pitches - steep, flat, and even a rounded portion.  
The current owners wanted to bring uniformity to the exterior by re-building the roofs to a more traditional, consistent pitch. Moreover, changing the pitch of the flat roof would raise the ceiling height of the kitchen, which the keen foodies also wanted to renovate. For professional guidance in modernising their 1960s home, these Refresh clients reached out to local Melbourne Renovation Consultant Paul Cree.

Defining the Scope

When consulting with Paul, the homeowners detailed their goals: re-pitch the roofs, replace the existing cladding, and raise the ceilings in the kitchen and living area to help create a spacious open-plan layout. They’d also established a budget of $200,000 which Paul deemed realistic to achieve the project’s scope. 
As the homeowners wanted to create a true chef’s kitchen, Paul engaged his in-house interior designer to develop the optimal kitchen and walk-in pantry layout and work closely with the clients to select products and materials. Once the working drawings were completed, Paul arranged for the necessary council approvals and building permits. From there, construction could begin. 

A Work in Progress

Most of the build took place over the course of four months, including a few COVID-related delays which affected all of Melbourne. At this point, Paul was no stranger to such lockdowns and restrictions; he knew exactly how to manage the timeline so there were minimal disruptions to the flow. 
Changes to the roof’s pitch and structure allowed for adjustments inside: opening up the space to unify the kitchen and lounge areas, getting rid of the dated timber, installing additional windows, optimising the kitchen’s footprint, and adding a walk-in pantry. 
Outside, the crew removed the old cladding and replaced it with a render finish, making the exterior look cohesive. After putting the finishing touches on the construction a few months after the main build was complete, the final cost for the renovation was $206,500.

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Perfect for a Party

Repitching the roofs has transformed the interior. The high ceilings have enlarged the living area and without the original beams looming overhead, the space no longer feels restricted. The new panoramic window further enhances the spacious feel as does the timber-look flooring installed in the kitchen and lounge area. Having consistent flooring material throughout both living areas increases the flow and achieves the open-plan atmosphere the homeowners were after.
Lighting plays a big role in the new design; downlighting for functionality and a trio of hanging pendant lights for style brings the whole area into the modern era. Clearing the original dividing walls allowed for the kitchen and lounge to become one unified area. Now, there’s plenty of room to accommodate a large communal dining table that encourages socialising and is perfect for entertaining guests while the chefs put the final touches on dinner in their new kitchen. 

Impeccable First Impressions

Kerbside appeal has increased immensely with the exterior updates of this renovation. Removing the dated metal balustrade in favour of a semi-enclosed porch entrance offers a bit more privacy and a stylish first impression of the property. The army green façade of the entry is a subtle pop of colour against the rest of the render cladding, which is a soft, neutral beige. The render cladding is a hardwearing layer that will both preserve the exterior and act as a great insulator, increasing the home’s energy efficiency. 
The roofs, which were the main catalyst for the renovation, have turned out wonderfully. Gone is the mishmash of pitches and shapes. Now, the rooflines are uniform and more appealing while still serving their purpose to protect and shelter. 

Final Thoughts

Paul is proud of both his team and the results they’ve produced. The new open-plan kitchen and lounge area is bright and airy with a well-thought-out design but the true star of the project is the extra height achieved in the ceiling, executed by installing scissor trusses when replacing the roof. The external look of the house has been completely altered. The roof and cladding changes have made it modern and stylish. 
Suppliers used throughout the renovation include Bunnings, Bradnam’s, Harvey Norman Commercial, Burden’s, Hafele, and Stoddart.

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This project was completed in
August 2022
Project description
A new roof, recladding, and kitchen renovation
Project duration
4 months
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