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Our Refresh Renovations Franklin offices offer specialist renovation services to people living in and around the Franklin region, including Ararimu, Ardmore, Awhitu, Clarks Beach, Clevedon, Drury, Glenbrook, Hunua, Karaka, Kingseat, Papakura, Pokeno, Pukekohe, Ramarama, Takanini, Waiau Pa and Waiuku

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Refresh Renovations Franklin – we don’t just make promises, we deliver! No cowboys. No disappointments. We’re the leading home renovation building company in the Franklin Region.
We understand the Franklin Region, we love the wonderful blend of rural and urban living that our clients enjoy and the landscapes that our region's homes connect with. Whether it’s a bungalow, a villa or your standard 1970’s home, we have extensive experience in renovating all styles of home.
At Refresh Renovations Franklin, we assist our clients with both large and small renovations and everything in between. Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen renovation or a complete home overhaul, our team are passionate about delighting our clients. If you’ve spent time dreaming about your home renovation, you’ll have a wonderful list of ideas of what you would like to see in the end product. Our team can work with you to bring that vision to reality and to guide you on how best to bring your ideas to life. If we feel you may be disappointed in the actual outcome of a chosen idea, we’ll be upfront with you and provide you with options on how to achieve your goal.
For some clients, a rough idea of what they want to gain from a renovation may be all they have. That’s no problem for us at all. We love helping clients understand the potential of their home, and delighting them with a renovation that they had no idea was even possible. And it doesn’t stop on the inside. Exterior renovations and revamps, including landscape design, often form part of the renovation projects we undertake for our clients. Not only do we have the building trades sorted, we have expert landscape designers ready to elevate your outdoors from average to fabulous. Worried about consents and the myriad of regulations that now govern the building industry? Don’t be. We can guide you through the consents process. We’re experts at it, we understand the timelines and requirements involved and will make it as stress-free as possible.
Our project management systems and purchasing power at Refresh Renovations Franklin, enables us to maximise the value of your spend, ensuring you get great value for your money. From a pricing position, you’ll find us mid-high level. This reflects our commitment to delivering a top-quality renovation, one you’ll love, your friends will admire, and one that will perform well over time. We don’t cut corners, we do things right. Your home is safe in our hands. Finding a home renovation builder you can rely upon, who will take care of the project end to end, and who specialises in renovation, can be difficult. At Refresh Renovations Franklin, we’re here for you and we’d love to help bring your renovation dream, to reality.

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If you would like to discuss home renovation options for your next renovation project, please use the enquiry form on this page to provide us with your contact details. We will get in touch with you at a time that suits you to discuss your project. If you would like to provide us with more information about your project, we have a more comprehensive enquiry form on our "Get in touch" page too.

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Service The Following Locations

  • Ararimu
  • Alfriston
  • Ardmore
  • Awhitu
  • Awhitu Central
  • Bombay
  • Clarks Beach
  • Conifer Grove
  • Drury
  • Glenbrook
  • Glenbrook Beach
  • Grahams Beach
  • Helvetia
  • Hingaia
  • Hunua
  • Hunua Regional Parkland
  • Karaka
  • Karioitahi
  • Kauritutahi
  • Kingseat
  • Kohekohe
  • Manukau Heads
  • Matakawau
  • Matakawau Point
  • Matingarahi
  • Mauku
  • Mission Bush
  • Moumoukai
  • Opaheke
  • Orua Bay
  • Paerata
  • Pahurehure
  • Papakura
  • Paparimu
  • Patumahoe
  • Pollok
  • Ponga
  • Port Waikato
  • Pukekohe
  • Pukekohe East
  • Pukeoware
  • Puni
  • Ramarama
  • Red Hill
  • Runciman
  • Seagrove
  • Takanini
  • Taurangaruru
  • Te Hihi
  • Te Toro
  • Waiau Beach
  • Waiau Pa
  • Waiuku
  • Waipipi
  • Wattle Bay
  • Whakatiwai
  • Wharekawa

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