Bathroom Designers in Berkshire and Basingstoke

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The Royal County of Berkshire and its surrounding areas are great places to live, so it’s no surprise that most homeowners would rather stay put and renovate than move elsewhere. Refresh Renovations have a team of specialist bathroom designers in Berkshire and Basingstoke and are ready to transform your bathroom – just ask how we can work with and for you!

What types of Bathroom Designs do Refresh offer?

There’s a lot more to bathroom design than just deciding what colour tiles to pick out. Here at Refresh Renovations, we offer an end-to-end bathroom remodelling project service, including:
- Full design and build
- Bespoke walk-in showers and double showers
- Bathroom fittings
- Spa-style bathrooms
- Custom vanities
- Tub-to-shower conversions
- Remodelling and installations

What are the current Bathroom Design trends in Berkshire and Basingstoke?

Bathrooms are intended to be places of tranquility and relaxation and more than ever, we’re seeing homeowners embrace spa-style tubs and bright, light décor rather than just bog-standard (pardon the pun!) white tiles. Refresh Renovations’ team have seen many designs come in and out of vogue so can always advise on looks that are current but will stay timeless, so you don’t need to be concerned about needing to redecorate swiftly in the future. 

How much does a Bathroom Design cost?

The exact cost of your bathroom design will depend on the size and scope of the project. Broadly speaking, a basic bathroom makeover can be achieved for around £5,000, a mid-range renovation project for £10,000 - £15,000 and a premium fit-out for £15,000+. 

Why choose Refresh for a Bathroom Design?

Refresh Renovations are a leading design and installation company with years of experience and thousands of successfully completed projects worldwide. Our approach sees us manage renovation projects from conception right through to completion, offering the utmost in hassle-free services for homeowners. We’ll take care of every detail – you can just choose what those details are and how you’d like them to look!

Will I need planning permission for my Bathroom Design?

For the most part, properties in Berkshire and Basingstoke don’t require planning permission, but where homes are listed or have natural beauty restrictions, the LPA (Local Planning Authority) may need to be involved. Where this is the case, your Refresh Renovations Project Consultant will file all applications and work through the whole process for you.

What areas do Refresh Berkshire and Basingstoke operate in?

Refresh Berkshire and Basingstoke operates in a whole host of surrounding areas to the immediate county and city, offering bathroom design and installation services through Fleet, Theale, Kingsclere and further afield. If you’re not sure whether or not we cover your area, just get in touch – and if we don’t, we’ll put you in touch with your nearest Refresh Renovations team.

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