Choosing the right windows and doors for indoor-outdoor flow

Windows and doors play a major role within any home. They provide indoor-outdoor flow, ventilation, light, safety, security, comfort and aesthetic style.

The right windows and doors to create indoor-outdoor flow
ARTICLE Ronnie Pocock

Renovating or extending a home is one of the most exciting and challenging things you can do in a lifetime. That is why it is important to ensure disappointment is avoided by educating yourself on design options, building materials and other products that will be used, ensuring they suit your location and style of home. Often under-valued or under-considered products are the windows and doors. Windows and doors play a major role within any home. They provide indoor-outdoor flow, ventilation, light, safety, security, comfort and aesthetic style.
Modern sliding doors like the Euroslider or Eurostacker provide generous openings with flush low maintenance sills. Nowadays it is totally conceivable to have openings that are over three metres high and as wide as whatever us practical, so if you wanted a prodigious 15-metre opening, then that is what you would get. Even with the ability to do supersized openings, weather tightness is not compromised. This is achieved through pressure-equalized frames with outside sliding door panels and concealed drainage systems, which keep the water out. These sliding doors also have the ability to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor areas with options that allow sliding panels to go over the exterior cladding or into a wall cavity creating enviable social spaces for maximised entertaining.
There are many options to consider, from thermally broken frames and tinted, toughened, double-glazed or laminated glass through to bifold doors and sliding doors. When you are doing your research ask what product will best suit your location and lifestyle. For example, windy locations are generally better suited to sliding doors and if maximised openings are what you require then doors like the Foldback Bifold, which allow the folded panels to fold 180 degrees and lay flat against the exterior clad wall, are perfect.
The Euroslider, Eurostacker and Foldback Bifold are just some of the innovative products tailor-made to suit the 'laid-back' lifestyle that can be found in the Pacific window and door suite.
Spending time selecting the right windows and doors for your home is worth it. It will maximize the views, improve ventilation and safety, and make your place a more enjoyable home to live in. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that when you are getting quotes you compare ‘apples with apples’ or in other words ‘windows with windows’.
For more information on windows and doors visit the Fletcher Aluminium website.

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