Top 5 bathroom styles

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, an area where both form and function reign supreme particularly when it comes to the 'tub'. Once an essential for cleansing, nowadays the bath itself represents a form of time out and escapism and, as such, demands a design style that makes a statement.

A modernist bathroom design
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The edgy industrialist 

The industrial look that was once de rigueur in factories and in no way synonymous with interior chic has wangled its way into popular décor. In a society increasingly cluttered with consumerism and ‘noise’ we are appreciating it’s raw, unfinished, utilitarian edge and the ability it gives to upcycle salvaged items and turn them into design features.  
Concrete, vintage metals, exposed pipes and ducts go to make up this look. When choosing a bathtub concrete, tin or cast iron finishes are good choices. You could also have a rummage through salvage yards, while garage sales could yield some great finds like old faucets and tap ware. Industrial chic is becoming increasingly popular and enthusiasts love its no-frills practical appeal.
A vintage metal bathtub

Transparent modernist 

Baths don’t have to be somewhat regulated in regards to the rest of interior design normalities, thus modern trends and coloured transparencies are all the rage. 

Flaunting strong structure, smooth edges and spaciousness, colour design bathtubs are creating flare to an otherwise minimally edged room. 
Allow the imagination to wander, and the electricity pop. Colour is back in, after a short stay in an 80s "don’t touch" list. With freestanding bathtubs currently in huge demand, such a maximalist design offers something fresh and new for the bathroom. 
While adding a pop of colour and playfulness to a simple white bathroom, boasting a bright palate - which are red, orange, purple, green, pink, black and transparent, add cheek to the bathroom and ignite the inner pop icon within. Consider this the 'bounce' element needed to mindfully co-ordinated an understated bathroom.
A bathtub in black and white background

The simple scandi 

The core principles of Scandinavian (aka Nordic) design are simplicity and pared back style. Typically based on a white colour scheme and complimentary muted shades it also uses the beauty of natural materials like wood and stone (with more of a grey tone than yellow). Traditionally it often throws a touch of contrasting black into the mix and trims with the emerald green of plants. 
When choosing a bathtub to marry with this decor clean lines are the name of the game. Freestanding and/or drop in shapes both work. Consider a black stone tub or, alternatively, white stone with matte black tapware. A drop in tub with white on white tiles following through the walls and floors also creates a striking effect. 
Scandinavian style is perfect for a bathroom as its minimalism is so calm and relaxing. No clutter, just functionality.
An old design style bathroom

Rustic roulette 

Rustic rooms celebrate our ancestors and go right back to our roots with the use of organic texture such as logs, roughly plastered walls, exposed brick and reclaimed wood in warm, earthy hues. In contrast to the explosion of 21st Century technology, rustic design takes us back to the past and makes use of natural materials. 
A freestanding copper bathtub would be an optimum choice here, stone would be another or a tub encased in wood. Another way to approach the rustic bathroom would be to go country-like with the floors, ceilings, walls, lighting and accessories and choose a modern, clean-lined white tub for a touch of surprise. 
This is an enchanting style. Think of an old farmhouse, exposed wooden beams and mountain cabins.

The classicist 

Classic interiors are also often called traditional and tend to celebrate a happy marriage of old world lines blended with contemporary style. Said to have its roots in the Greek and Roman empires a classical look is centred on symmetry and balance. Based on elegant creams, greys, blues and pinks from the colour wheel it tends to favour good quality natural fabrics like cotton and velvet.
A freestanding claw-footed bathtub would be perfect in a classic bathroom. The options are endless but paired with floor standing tap ware, dreamy flowing window dressings, a chandelier and a Venetian mirror the result would be sensational. That being said you’re not limited to the claw-footed look, a classic bath shape tiled on the sides would work equally well. Overall a classic bath tends to be restrained, refined and timeless.

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