A kitchen and laundry redesign in Brooklyn, Wellington

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Modern white kitchen

When the flooring of this villa collapsed due to borer, it was a blessing in disguise. The replacement hardwood designer flooring completed the new space.

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Refresh Renovations Wellington specialist Lia Boersma recently completed a kitchen and laundry redesign in Brooklyn. While the villa she worked on was beautiful, its kitchen, dining area and laundry weren’t quite living up to its owners needs. The spaces were small and basic in appearance, and the kitchen didn’t provide much room for cooking or entertaining. The laundry was in need of an update and the small spaces meant that the homeowners were in need of some better storage solutions. With a hard deadline in place, Lia got to work.  

Laundry and kitchen design

Lia carried out the renovations using the Refresh process. She was her customers’ one point of contact and all trades were managed for them. After approving the project designs and quote, the homeowners were able to leave the work to Lia and her team, while enjoying regular updates on the project and its progress. The one point of contact allowed for decisions to be made quickly, especially when challenges and necessary variations came up.  

Laundry and kitchen renovation

The new laundry proved to be the first challenge.
“Within the first few days we struck issues with the flooring in the laundry, where the floor collapsed during demolition. Flooring joists had rotted away and the floor was full of borer”, recalls Lia. “This resulted in re-strengthening work being carried out on the laundry floor.”
Re-strengthening work also needed to be carried out in the kitchen, part of the dining area, toilet and adjacent bedroom. Lia’s team pulled up the carpet in the dining room, expecting to find polished matai flooring, but instead found more damage.
“We had to find a new solution for the flooring, as the matai floorboards were not salvageable and had too much borer”, Lia explains. “The client chose a Torlys hardwood flooring in Coral Beach Rosewood, which really brought the kitchen to life.”
Lia’s clients wanted a custom built kitchen with an open plan living area. The original kitchen looked dated, with beige walls and cupboards. These were updated with white paint as well as new white cupboards and drawers, which offer far more storage than what was previously in place. The new layout provides a window view into the garden, to be enjoyed while cooking or doing dishes.

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Engineered white stone benchtops were installed, along with a matching kitchen island: which divides the kitchen and dining area into two seperate, but open plan, spaces. A new oven, stove top and range hood were installed, along with a white tiled splashback.  
The same tiled splashback was installed behind the laundry sink. A self cleaning tumble dryer with a heat pump was also installed; the white model, and surrounding walls, continuing on with the look of the kitchen.

The final result

Despite the flooring issues and resulting additional work, the project was completed within its estimated time frame of 2 months.
The final cost of $137,000 fell within the original project estimate of $125,000 - $140,000, however the collapsed flooring led to variations which meant the original quote of $114,000 could not be met.
The owners of this Wellington home were left with a modern kitchen and dining area that are ideal for socialising while cooking. The white walls and installations contrast beautifully against the Coral Beach Rosewood hard flooring, with the new look carrying through to the laundry.
“The Refresh process was critical in achieving the overall outcome”, concludes Lia.

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This project was completed in
April 2019
Project description
Kitchen and laundry re-design
New Zealand
Project duration
2 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
The flooring collapsed due to borer
Interesting aspects
Kitchen flooring - Torleys designer hard flooring solution in Coral Beach Rosewood
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