A Lavish Library in Mission Hills, Johnson County

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This renovation established a beautiful showcase for the homeowners' book collection by integrating features of a traditional library.

This renovation established a beautiful showcase for the homeowners' book collection by integrating features of a traditional library with the existing living room.

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The Ambition

Situated in gorgeous, green Mission Hills, this home is filled with character. But while the homeowners were happy with the design style, the property lacked shelving large enough to store their book collection (inclusive of first editions).
As one of the homeowners also owned a local publication company, she had gathered several books over the years. More than a hobby - books are her passion. So she was enthusiastic about creating a deserved home for the collection.
Their spacious living room undoubtedly had the most potential for doubling as a library. And with that idea in mind, the homeowners reached out to Refresh Renovations. From there, they were introduced to local Renovation Specialist Troy Teague, who helped them explore design opportunities for the renovation.

Designing The Interior

After looking through their options, the homeowners decided on a concept that wouldn’t only integrate a library with their living room but also bring in the traditional wall paneling that featured throughout the rest of the house. 
It was an excellent opportunity to enhance the property’s interior flow. And while bringing in the paneling, it just so happened to create the atmosphere of a traditional library.
Featuring ceiling-height bookshelves, ambient lighting, and decorative wall paneling painted forest green; the living room was set to become a lavish space - perfect for showcasing an impressive book collection.

The Renovated Living Room

If there’s one thing this room inspires you to do, it’s to explore the bookshelves and sit down for a long read. It might be the forest green coloring (which marries so superbly with the wooden flooring) that extends the warm welcome. Or perhaps it’s the height of it all - 10ft tall and altogether fascinating in its grand presence.
But beyond the obvious changes, the addition of new ambient lighting has made a significant difference in this transformation. Installed above the bookcases, the gold-finished downlights spotlight the shelving below and bring an air of magic to the living room - the type often found in storybooks.

Final Results

The entire renovation was completed in just under a month. Troy and his renovation team worked diligently across this timeline to ensure the project was completed to an excellent standard - a quality that’s clear in the results.
By integrating a library with their living room, the homeowners successfully established a beautiful home for their book collection. With the addition of decorative paneling and gold-finished downlights, the transformation has certainly created the atmosphere of a traditional library, a wonderful space to sit back, relax, and read after a long day. 

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This project was completed in
June 2021
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Bookshelf and wall paneling installation
United States
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The owner is an architect and supplied the design, including custom-made wood panels
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