A Modern Bathroom in Paraparaumu

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This new bathroom is a fine example of beauty. With a striking black and white colour palette, the bathroom boasts a bespoke design.

This new bathroom is a fine example of beauty. With a striking black and white colour palette, the bathroom boasts a bespoke design and modern aesthetic.

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Back for Another Renovation

Michael, the owner of this coastal property, had worked with Renovation Specialist Lia Boersma on another project. Thrilled with the results of the previous renovation, he knew who to contact for his bathroom upgrade. 
Michael had loved Lia’s commitment to excellence and passion for renovating, so he was excited to be working with her once more to transform his outdated bathroom. With a particular black and white colour scheme in mind for the bathroom’s design, Lia helped Michael explore options and prepare a concept for the transformation.
“This is the second time that I’ve used Refresh Renovations. The service, from design to finish, the approach, professionalism, and communication, was just as good as the first time” - Michael, the homeowner.

Getting it Just Right

After a few visits to bathroom showrooms, Michael had more ideas up his sleeve. He decided to go with marble tiling for the shower walls and a matte black finish for the bathroom’s sink, shower, tapware, mirror frame. Together, these colours and textures would create a luxurious appearance for a soothing atmosphere. 
Lia guided Michael through the design phase, ensuring the contrast of colours was planned in perfect harmony. In this process, Lia carefully selected the vinyl floor colouring to pair flawlessly with the surrounding bathroom elements. As a result, Michael felt confident in making decisions for the final bathroom design.
Michael ended up sourcing the bathroom vanity, the shelving, and most of the fittings himself. However, he worked closely with Lia to create the custom bathroom design, source the remaining supplies, and coordinate the tradespeople who would see his vision come to life.

COVID-19 Supply Issues

Michael had initially planned to be travelling while the bathroom underwent remodelling. But this holiday was no longer possible, as COVID-19 hit just as the project was to begin. In solution, he made arrangements to allow the transformation to go ahead as soon as possible.
As the bathroom remodel began, Lia and her renovation team had to deal with the global delays in supply delivery – a significant impact of the pandemic. 
Although Michael had selected the perfect marble tile for his bespoke bathroom, he needed to choose another option as the material wouldn’t make it into the country in time. He began his hunt again, and fortunately, found a tile that matched closely with his first choice. Luckily, he didn’t need to make any changes with the vinyl flooring – which was coming from Australia – as it arrived just before borders closed.
Michael also had his eye on a particular hinge for the shelving unit, but it wasn’t to be. As it was unavailable in New Zealand, Lia and her team worked together to find him the perfect alternative. All challenges were managed swiftly by Lia, and this diligence resulted in a smooth construction phase.

Undertaking Construction

Despite supply delays, demolition of the existing bathroom was completed within the first week of the timeline, and the complete transformation unfolded quickly thereafter.
Michael was impressed by the expertise of each construction professional who played a part in the bathroom’s remodelling. He commented, “Every aspect of rebuilding a new bathroom was completed by very competent trade persons. The plasterer and the tiler showed great skill and attention to detail, as well as the vinyl layer”.

The Black and White Bathroom

The new bathroom is a fine example of beauty. With a striking black and white colour palette, the bathroom boasts a bespoke design and modern aesthetic.
Featuring a custom-built vanity, a designer heated towel rail, and staggered marble tiling, this bathroom really is Michael’s dream come true. 
The marble tiles soften the stark contrast between the shades, and the jet-black sink and tapware create a sleek one-of-a-kind look. Quiet features, such as the warm-toned lighting above the mirror, further add gentle touches of comfort and luxury.
From the sharp edges of the squared mirror and dual shower heads to the unique triangular tile pattern in the splashback, the geometric shapes found in the design create a bespoke bathroom that Michael is proud to call his own.

A Glowing Review

Michael is more than pleased with the final result of his bathroom renovation. After his first experience renovating with Lia, he expected nothing less than wonderful the second time around.
“The whole process was easy, and again, I didn’t have to worry about anything or chase trades who hadn’t turned up when they said they would,” says Michael. For him, having Lia and her team by his side made the renovating feel easy – just as it should be.

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This project was completed in
July 2021
Project description
A bathroom renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
10 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Supply delays due to COVID-19
Interesting aspects
Luxurious bathtub, new shower cubicles, and lighting above frameless mirrors
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