A Modern Bathroom with a Compelling Design in Churton Park, Wellington

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This bathroom renovation modernised the room with a compelling design and maximised the use of available space.

This bathroom renovation modernised the room with a compelling design and maximised the use of available space.

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Taking the First Step 

The owner of this Wellington house was ready to update their bathroom, which was outdated and poorly utilising the space available. They envisioned a complete renovation of the room and additionally wanted to install a new splashback in the kitchen and upgrade the property’s front door. 
To get the project started, this homeowner contacted local Renovation Partner Lia Boersma, with whom they discussed their ideas, goals, and what was required to make them happen. With a picture in mind, Lia got the project underway and introduced the homeowner to her Design Consultant Tina Daisley.

Design and Build

The homeowner wanted to modernise the bathroom with a unique design and get the most out of the space. Keeping these motivations at the forefront of the renovation, Tina worked collaboratively with the homeowner to create a tasteful design that would achieve their goals. 
Once the final design and working drawings were complete, Lia planned the construction timeline and coordinated all tradespeople required. The homeowner didn’t have any specific time constraints; they were very relaxed throughout the entire process. However, in signature Refresh style, Lia completed the renovation swiftly in six weeks, all while paying careful attention to the costs, which came in at the original budget of $70,000.

Unique Tiling for a Modern Bathroom 

The homeowner opted for bold tiling patterns to make a statement. The bathroom walls now sport vertical stack bond tiling in earthy neutral tones, met halfway by a row of horizontal chevron tiling. Meanwhile, the walk-in shower has the same vertical stack bond style, though it’s made with larger tiles in a lighter colour that neatly contrasts against the surrounding bathroom walls to make the shower feel bigger.
Custom-built shelving now fills the room’s difficultly shaped corner. The unit features a beautiful exposed end-grain profile that’s also used in the custom-built vanity. The floating vanity is notably stunning and includes a circular basin, the shape of which is echoed in the round mirror above. And while the mirror’s built-in LED lights gently brighten the area, the overhead lighting more strongly illuminates the room. 

A New Front Door & Kitchen Splashback

Alongside the bathroom renovation, the homeowner wanted to replace their property’s front door too. Upgrading the first thing people see upon arrival is a fantastic way to increase curb appeal and overall property value.
And over in the kitchen, unique tiles once again make a welcome appearance. The pure white splashback is made of linear tiling with indented squares. Its unordinary texture subtly provides a touch of flair, giving the room a point of difference.

The End Result

This beautiful renovation is a result of the homeowner’s creative direction, Tina’s design expertise, and Lia’s project management. The outcome ultimately reflects exactly what the homeowner hoped to achieve and has been completed to the highest standard.
Materials used include general building supplies from Placemakers, paint from Resene, bathware from Robertson Bathware, and additional products from Plumbing Plus, Nebulite, Tile Space, Devon & Patterson Flooring.

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This project was completed in
September 2021
Project description
A full bathroom renovation, new kitchen splashback, and a new front door.
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Manufacturing delay of front door.
Interesting aspects
Innovative storage solutions.
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Lia Boersma is a Renovation Consultant of Silkworm Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington.

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