A modern Wellington home renovation

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Modern home renovation in Southgate by Refresh renovations

Steve Wang and his team provided this Wellington family with a modern, functional home renovation.

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When the owners of this Wellington home decided it was time to opt for a more modern design, they contacted Refresh Renovations. They were quickly put in touch with their local renovation specialist Steve Wang who is highly experienced in managing teams while providing customers with a top-notch experience. Steve met the owners at their property to discuss their ideas. They were interested in completely renovating the first floor of their home for modern living, as well as carrying out some work on the home’s ground floor and exterior. 

House design wish-list

The family’s wish-list included an open-plan kitchen/dining area, a bathroom renovation, adding a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite into the master bedroom as well as a new deck with stairs and a balustrade. 
“We worked on this project from concept through to completion”, tells Steve. "Within each stage, the client was kept up to date and was happy with the progress. At the end of the “concept and feasibility” stage, we provided him with a cost estimate. Our quote was within his expectation and we managed the build according to the planned schedule."
The original living area featured a classic design which included timber flooring, a chandelier and stunning mountain views. However, a modern update allowed for more functionality. The walls and ceiling were repainted, the timber flooring switched out for easy-to-clean laminate flooring and the chandelier was replaced with modern pendant lighting.

House renovation

To create more “flow” between the living spaces, a structural wall was removed. The layout and design of the kitchen was completely changed to allow for modern living. New windows, splashbacks flooring and lighting were installed. A kitchen island now provides a social setting and the room opens out onto the deck and living areas.
Moving onto the upper-deck, Steve and his team rebuilt with timber - with new stairs leading to the ground-level deck. A sliding door with double glazing was also installed, which brings light and warmth into the house. The final step was to install a glass balustrade with aluminium framing, and it was here that Steve came up against a challenge - it was discovered that his balustrade contractor had overlooked the wind zone.
“Halfway through the installation, our balustrade contractor picked up on this oversight and I was informed directly”, says Steve. “I immediately advised the client about this issue and informed them about a potential six-week delay. The client was very understanding. We confirmed a different balustrade system with the client, that was more affordable than the original quoted price. We also refunded the client the difference in cost. They were very happy with the result.” 
From there, the entire upper level of the home’s exterior was repainted, while the lower level concrete walls were re-rendered and painted with a new colour. This significantly improves the home’s street view.

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“It’s a completely new look from the exterior”, enthuses Steve.
Back inside, the Refresh Wellington team focused on the bedrooms and bathrooms. A new ensuite bathroom was installed, with a simple and chic colour palette. An alcove bathtub, walk-in shower and wall-hung vanity were part of the design. The family bathroom was also relocated and renovated, with similar specifications. 
New carpet was laid in the bedrooms, and a room was built for a walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom.  
As Steve’s customers decided to add a few variations to the renovation after work had begun, the project timeline and costs were adjusted to allow for this. The project, which began in October 2018, was completed in May 2019. The homeowners are hoping to work with Steve and his team again in the near future, on a ground floor bathroom and laundry renovation.  

Final thoughts

“We've completed this project at a very high standard”, says Steve. “I am proud of the work our guys have done. My clients have told me that the result was exactly what they wanted! They’re really happy with the outcome.”
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This project was completed in
July 2019
Project description
A full renovation of the home's first floor
New Zealand
Project duration
8 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
$320,000 (including GST and a few variations)
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