A single storey extension and home renovation in Shelford, Cambridgeshire

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A single storey extension and home renovation in Shelford, Cambridgeshire

This detached family home was completely revamped to include an open-plan kitchen and dining area, a new porch, additional ensuite, and more!

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The owners of this detached family home in Shelford, Cambridgeshire wanted to complete a home extension and worked closely with Mike from MKE Architecture (Refresh Renovations’ preferred partner). The final product cost £150,000 and took 6 months to complete.

House extension design

“The main focus of the homeowners was to achieve a large, light-filled, open-plan kitchen and living area that the entire family could enjoy,” explains Simon Kelliher. “They wanted to bring the outdoors into their home to make it look and feel more modern.”
After understanding exactly what his clients were looking for, Mike, who works closely with Refresh Renovations, came up with a design plan for the home renovation. It was decided that a single storey side and rear extension would be made in order to accommodate the open-plan kitchen and dining areas.

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Once the homeowners were satisfied with the architect’s plans, they decided to put the designs into action.

House extension renovation

“During the renovation, a significant amount of changes were made to the home,” reveals Simon. “The garage was demolished to make additional space. Then the external walls were rendered, and even the tiles were replaced.” The detailed planning process also allowed the tiles in the front of the home to be preserved. 
As one of the primary goals of the homeowners was to make their home more light-filled, several windows were replaced and new skylights were installed. The family can now enjoy natural sunlight indoors, adding an elegant voguish element to the home.
The homeowners also took this opportunity to add an ensuite to the master bedroom of the home, and decided to install a new porch on the exterior. 
A variety of materials were used during this extension and renovation, including external slate and render, internal wooden work for surfaces, and timber for the flooring. 

The final result

This project is an excellent example of what Refresh’s design team is capable of. It is also a testament to working with close trusted partners such as MKE Architecture, who often play a huge role in the completion of Refresh projects.
“In the end, we have a great looking extension which completely met the homeowner’s expectations,” concludes Simon.

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This project was completed in
July 2020
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Project description
Single Storey Side and Rear Extension
Cambridgeshire & West Suffolk
United Kingdom
Project duration
6 months
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