A Timeless Transformation in Mission Bay, Auckland

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Although this Mission Bay homeowner planned to sell in the future, he still wanted to update his home with a better design for the present.

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The Initial Consultation

Ian, the owner of this Mission Bay home, was keen to do some upgrades around the house. He wasn’t planning on moving just yet, but he did intend to sell eventually. Built in 1975, the property was in good condition generally, but the bathroom, laundry, and entranceway needed attention. Having done due diligence, Ian had a good idea of how much he wanted to spend. What he wasn’t clear on was how best to execute the project, so he got in touch with Renovation Consultants, John and Maree de Latour.

Determining the Scope

After chatting with Ian, John and Maree determined his budget of $40,000 was realistic given the work Ian had in mind. However, as their discussion continued, the project scope evolved and expanded, causing cost estimates to increase as well. Since Ian had researched costs beforehand, he was happy to increase his contribution as he found value in the results. 
The final scope included renovated laundry and bathroom areas with a slightly altered footprint and new flooring in the entranceway. The additional tweaks brought the final cost of the project to $63,000. 

A Timeless Design

With the scope finalised, John and Maree arranged for the designs to be drawn up. Ian wanted something timeless that he could enjoy while he remained in the home, but that would still look great when it came time for him to sell. 
In its present state, the shower in the existing bathroom had been reduced to a storage area as the layout was impractical and cramped. The laundry room had a wall-mounted dryer, limited bench space, and excess under utilised floor area. All of these issues were addressed within the new design.

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After a swift six-week construction period, Ian’s home has some beautiful new spaces, all well-lit with carefully positioned LED downlighting. New flooring in the bathroom and laundry area extends throughout the entranceway as well, making for a stunning first impression when visitors come in through the front door. The warm-toned timber-look floors are modern yet classic, giving Ian the timeless design he wanted. 
The sightlines from the front foyer directly through to the back garden now remain uninterrupted as the laundry door can remain open to show off this room’s streamlined new look. Large appliances fit snugly under an engineered stone benchtop and no longer crowd the walls; a trio of cabinets hang in their place with a floor-to-ceiling cabinetry unit to the right. 
In the bathroom, the partial removal of a wall provided a wider, more spacious area. Custom cutting the vanity mirror makes great use of the otherwise awkward cut-out, which is now perfectly suited for the elegant basin and accompanying storage unit. And the stylish new shower enclosure certainly won’t be used for storage now. 

Final Thoughts

The renovation has resulted in a dramatic change to Ian’s home, in appearance, convenience, and ambience. The enhancements made to the laundry room are stylish but also highly functional. And the small footprint change in the bathroom has made a big impact. Whatever Ian plans for in the future, his home environment is a more enjoyable space for the present. 

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This project was completed in
July 2022
Project description
Bathroom, laundry, and entranceway renovation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
Cost estimate
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Interesting aspects
Clever use of space in the bathroom
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Maree de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

John de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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