A Transformative Home Renovation in Flaxmere, Hastings

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This much-loved family home underwent a complete upgrade, just in time to celebrate Christmas.

After decades of use, this much-loved family home underwent a complete upgrade, just in time to celebrate the festive season.

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Being left in charge of the family home is enough responsibility, let alone making design choices for a full home renovation to be completed by Christmas! 
That is precisely the position Troy of Flaxmere, Hastings found himself in. With his mother in Australia, Troy was an audience of one, watching on as Refresh Renovations managed the home renovation, transforming the 1970s brick house he’d grown up in into a safer, more modern space. 
Joined by Renovation Specialists Sophia Roydhouse and Mike Ross, Troy was able to relax while they managed the entire process to have it completed by Christmas. This experience of watching the renovation unfold gave him an enormous amount of satisfaction in seeing the project through from start to finish.

The Concept and Costing

Had the homeowners chosen to address all the issues separately, it would have proven costly in terms of time and money, not to mention the additional stress for Troy and his mum trying to keep tabs on all the different contractors! Fortunately, they made the wise choice of getting everything done in one project, professionally managed by Sophia and Mike.
Initially, two bedrooms were left out of the project’s scope. But after some expert advice from the Renovation Specialists, the homeowners realised they would probably regret not including upgrades to these rooms. Far better to cover the whole house in one go than spend much more time and money getting extra work done later.
The overall cost for the project came in at $130k, including shiny new appliances. Having Sophia and Mike help Troy select paint colours, flooring, and the fixtures & fittings gave both he and his mum peace of mind. The project was large-scale, and they wanted to ensure it was done right.

The Home’s Initial Condition

Over the years, many family members had put their skills to the test around the house. However, none of these little projects had been completed with much success. 
Once demolition was underway, Sophia and Mike’s renovation team found water damage that had caused the bathroom and laundry’s base plates and window to rot. The wiring was also dangerous, with nails and drawing pins sticking through the wires, and a non-compliant fireplace needed removing for the safety of the occupants.
Ultimately, the homeowners required a complete overhaul of the home. They wanted all the unfinished projects to be completed professionally and to ensure the home was compliant with building regulations.

A Complete Renovation

Once Sophia and Mike had the working drawings created and obtained council consent, the renovation was ready to begin.
The house was entirely stripped back to its framing and upgraded with a new kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. The renovation included rewiring the entire home, installing brand new insulation throughout the walls and ceiling, and replacing the fireplace with a modern heat pump. These changes made a great improvement to the home’s airflow and overall health. 
The structural layout was also redesigned to create a more spacious atmosphere in the kitchen and increase storage space for the household. This was achieved by enlarging the opening between the kitchen and adjoining dining area and reducing the external laundry in size to make way for additional storage.
For a finishing touch, new internal doors were installed throughout, along with a new back door. The home hadn’t been locked in the last 30 years, so having a key was rather exciting for the homeowners!

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A Healthy Home for Modern Living

Sophia and Mike seamlessly coordinated the entire renovation and paid close attention to the homeowner’s vision for their revived home. The property needed upgrading to improve safety and maximise functionality, but it was likewise essential to maintain a consistent interior style throughout the interiors. 
The results indeed achieved the homeowner’s main ambitions, bringing the 1970s house into the 21st century – and just in time for Christmas!
Now compliant with healthy homes standards and completely modernised throughout, the home has become much more inviting and liveable. Featuring a cool-toned neutral colour palette and brand new appliances, the family will undoubtedly enjoy the home for many more decades to come.

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This project was completed in
August 2021
Project description
Full house renovation
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand
Project duration
8 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Discovery of water damage
Interesting aspects
An industrial twist on a black and white bathroom, and a copper tiled splashback in the kitchen.
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Sophia Roydhouse-Ross is Renovation Consultant of RNR Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Hawkes Bay.

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