An Improved Layout and Stylish Interior in Noble Park North, Melbourne

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Notorious for their cramped layout and liberal use of dividing walls, 1970s homes like this one in Noble Park North are top candidates to receive a full-house renovation.

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Getting Started

As is common with homes built in the 1970s, this Noble Park North property had an unimaginative layout, ill-suited to modern living. Homeowner Jennifer envisioned a bright, open-plan kitchen, lounge, and dining area that was closer to her garden: as it stood, the garden was on the opposite end of the home near the three bedrooms, leaving the living spaces quite disconnected. 
To get an idea of what might be involved, Jennifer reached out to Refresh Renovations and was connected with local Melbourne Renovation Consultant, Paul Cree. The pair discussed Jennifer’s goals for the project which included the extensive layout changes in addition to updating the home’s bathroom and laundry areas and making the home more functional overall for the young family. 

Optimising Efficiency and Maximising Flow

Jennifer also wanted to improve her home’s energy efficiency, so she opted to include new double-glazed windows in the renovation scope as well as retro-fitted wall insulation. The home’s original timber flooring also needed refurbishing to restore its natural beauty. Paul estimated that the scope in its entirety would cost just under $200,000. 
Paul and his in-house interior designer worked closely with Jennifer to define the details and select materials for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area that would be the most cost-effective. After determining a new layout that maximised the space and flow, and confirming the material selections and overall design with Jennifer, Paul started coordinating and scheduling all the necessary contractors. 

Navigating Construction 

Jennifer hadn’t imposed any deadlines and felt confident in Paul’s ability to deliver the project in the predicted amount of time, but the construction phase began during a period when COVID was causing many disruptions across Melbourne. Paul was diligent in trying to minimise delays and work around restrictions while keeping Jennifer informed of developments and changes to the schedule. 
She praised the team for their dedication and professionalism saying: “The team was fantastic in getting the job done. All renovations come with setbacks and obstacles. How these are managed is the mark of a good team. The team dealt with any issues promptly and effectively so there were zero headaches for us.” 
Except for encountering some unexpected asbestos, which was quickly addressed and remedied, the construction ran without any significant challenges. Working around the COVID restrictions, Paul and the team delivered the finished project in just four months.

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A Complete Transformation

Relocating the kitchen and living areas has increased the flow of Jennifer’s home tenfold. A trio of large windows in the kitchen now overlook the serene garden and the L-shaped bench is complemented by an island which can accommodate seating, optimising the kitchen’s new footprint. During the design phase, Paul and his team helped Jennifer refine some material selections, one of which was the kitchen benchtop. They chose a marble-patterned laminate instead of pricey stone, a choice offering the same look but without the hefty cost attached. 
One of Paul’s favourite features of the renovation is the creative tile placement using Devonshire super white tiles from Beaumont Tiles. Two different shaped tiles were used to create a simple yet distinctive pattern in the bathroom and laundry. Creating a bespoke pattern using the same colour ensures the overall design provides visual interest. 

Final Thoughts

Jennifer is thrilled with the results of her newly renovated home saying: “We are very pleased with our renovation. Paul and his team have turned our dark, dated house into a modern light-filled home, personalised to how our family lives. We have no hesitation in recommending Refresh Renovations.”

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August 2022
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Whole House Renovation
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4 months
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Paul Cree is Renovation Consultant of Zennix Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise , doing business in Melbourne.

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