Bathroom and flooring updates ensure this St. Heliers, Auckland home is ready to sell

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Before this St. Heliers homeowner put her property on the market, she knew she needed to make some updates to increase its appeal to prospective buyers

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Ready to sell

St. Heliers homeowner Carrie wanted to put her property on the market. However, she knew work needed to be done — namely the bathrooms — to position her home favourably to potential buyers and increase its value. While the ensuite and powder room were fully functional, they weren’t exactly attractive spaces. The 1990s property bore signs of the era; emerald green floor tiles, a yellowing extractor fan, and fixtures and features that were indicative of its age. 
Since the ultimate intention was to sell, Carrie didn’t want to overinvest. She got in touch with local Renovation Consultants John and Maree de Latour for expert assistance during her renovation.

Expanding the project scope

John and Maree visited Carrie’s St. Heliers home to assess her property and discuss her goals. Carrie expressed her interest in renovating the ensuite and powder room on a $10,000 budget. While the scope would’ve been difficult to pull off at that price point, John and Maree offered plans that aligned with her original idea but also proposed another option that included updating the foyer. 
Seeing as the entranceway is the first impression of a home and St. Heliers is a highly desirable location, the additional investment made sense and had the potential for a considerable return. Carrie recognised this opportunity and opted to add the foyer renovation to the project’s scope. 

Problem solving

With the details confirmed, John and Maree began coordinating the construction. They organised a team of trusted tradespeople from their well-established network of professionals and sourced materials best suited to the project from their preferred suppliers: GIB, Mico, Mitre10, Tile Depot, Lighting Direct, Newline, CDP Holdings, and Glass Co.
While the majority of the project ran smoothly, scheduling the contractors around the tile installation in the foyer was a challenge. Not only is it the main entrance to the property, it’s also a major artery that connects the garage to the main house and the upper levels to the lower, so having it out of order was an issue. John and Maree scheduled the tile installation into two phases so that access was never restricted and the rest of the renovation could continue. 
Thanks to their clever solution, Carrie’s project stayed on track and was completed in seven weeks, adhering to the $25,000 estimate.

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Modern spaces

While this renovation is mainly cosmetic, the simple changes that John and Maree executed have been transformative. The compact floating vanity in the powder room takes up no more room than its predecessor but offers additional storage space and a sleek profile. Consistent flooring creates design continuity between the ensuite and powder room, and the new shower casing and fixtures bring the project into the modern day.  
Utilising a neutral palette allows the spaces to remain universally attractive to a wide pool of buyers. The increased functionality and the knowledge that repairs won’t be necessary anytime soon add to the home’s attractiveness for buyers.
As for the entranceway, the updated flooring has completely changed the space, creating a pristine and modern first impression, setting the tone for the rest of the home — a strategic decision while preparing to go to market. 

Final Thoughts

Although the final cost was more than Carrie anticipated, increasing her investment proved to be a smart decision. By adding the foyer update to the scope, she drastically improved her property’s appeal. The ensuite and powder room’s new light and bright looks are a far cry from their previous dated designs. 
John and Maree are proud of this transformation and the fantastic results they’ve delivered for Carrie. Without their clever solutions, smart problem-solving, and professional recommendations, the return on Carrie’s investment may not have been as impactful.

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This project was completed in
January 2023
Project description
Bathroom, powder room, and flooring update
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
7 weeks
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Working around the entranceway
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Tiled entranceway
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Maree de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

John de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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