A Bathroom, Kitchen & Living Room Transformation in Pensacola

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Modern living room with fireplace

Careful design, construction, decorating, and project management all played key roles in this bathroom, kitchen, and living room renovation.

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Careful project management was essential in this bathroom, kitchen, and living room renovation in Pensacola, Florida. A Refresh Renovations consultant worked with the homeowner to personalize the home’s most used areas. Originally, the master bathroom featured emerald green tiling with gold accents. The kitchen was outdated and the living area was in need of modernization. 

Developing new bathroom designs

After gathering the homeowner’s ideas and aesthetic style, the renovation consultant and her team worked on a design - adjusting minor details along the way to better suit the client’s needs. A cost estimate was proposed along with a project duration of 8-9 weeks. The homeowner approved the project, and construction began.  
The renovation consultant's Construction Manager scheduled a large team of skilled tradespeople to carry out the demolition and waste removal, wall framing, carpentry, plastering, plumbing, exterior cladding, electrical work, and more.
In the master bathroom; the tiled shower, tub, vanities, mirror, toilet, windows, wallpaper, and popcorn textured ceiling were all removed. During this stage, long-term damage was discovered in the bathroom walls - likely inflicted by a squirrel. The renovation consultant's team repaired the damage, but this added additional time and costs to the project. 

A modern bathroom renovation

New luxury vinyl flooring was installed over the existing floor tiles as well as modern cabinetry and quartz countertops. The old windows were replaced with frosted glass while a new toilet, glass shower walls and a Corian shower pan were installed. With new paint, a retextured ceiling, and new accessories - the original bathroom is now unrecognizable.  
During the kitchen renovation, the homeowner opted to make a few design changes. This included aesthetic requests, a drop-down vanity backsplash, a coffee bar backsplash, and changes to the cabinet doors. While these project variations added to the project’s cost, they contributed to the quality and personalization of the final result.

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An updated kitchen design

In addition to these changes, the renovation consultant's team enhanced the flow of the kitchen by reframing one corner. They constructed a flow-through doorway transition between the kitchen and dining room which provides a nice balance between privacy and open-plan. To open up the space, plant ledges were removed and the layout was updated. New cabinets with enhanced under and upper lighting were installed, quartz was selected and used for the kitchen’s countertops and the lighting was updated with a mixture of recessed and pendant fixtures. Staying consistent with the bathroom, luxury vinyl flooring was installed, tiling was carried out for the backsplash and new appliances were re-positioned to perfectly suit the new kitchen layout. 
“Throughout the kitchen, dining room, formal and casual living room; shiplap was installed on the ceiling, accompanied by beautiful crown molding”, adds the renovation consultant. “Some light fixtures were also updated. This whole space also received a fresh coat of paint in a new color.”
The living room was updated with new cabinets and, to open up the space, existing plant ledges were removed. The fireplace was updated with framing, improved storage, and the same backsplash tiles used in the kitchen. Finally, the living room’s existing wet bar was converted into a dry coffee bar. 

House renovation results

With the additional works taken into account, the project was completed within 22 weeks. The home is now modern, bright, and elegant whilst also being durable and low-maintenance. The lighter color scheme paired with the new glass shower significantly increases the feel of spaciousness in the bathroom. The kitchen and living areas also feel far more light and functional thanks to the improved layout, modern storage, and low-maintenance materials. 

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Project description
Master bathroom, kitchen/dining, and living room renovation
United States
Project duration
22 weeks
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Hidden damage was found in the bathroom
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