Bespoke Design Trifecta for Bathrooms in Remuera, Auckland

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Acute attention to detail was a key factor in this project’s success. The trio of bathrooms in this Remuera home have all been updated, each with a distinctive flair that complements the others.

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New Home, New Look

After taking ownership of this picturesque Remuera townhouse, homeowner Victoria wanted to renovate its three bathrooms. The rest of the property — with its sunny conservatory, sheltered courtyard, and stunning garden — was already full of character so the bathrooms needed to be brought up to speed.
The main, guest, and ensuite bathrooms were looking dated and weren’t up to par for modern-day living. Victoria had found some inspiration when perusing design choices, so she contacted Refresh Renovations for help bringing her ideas to life. Local Remuera Renovation Consultant Dave Georgetti responded - and effected a stunning transformation.

An Inspired Consultation

During their initial consultation, Victoria and Dave discussed design options for each room. Although each bathroom was going to have a different style, Victoria wanted them to complement the others. She hadn’t set a specific budget but wanted to keep costs reasonable. 
Several of the existing fixtures, such as the mirrors, had been beautifully custom-made, so Dave suggested retaining some of these elements to reduce costs and maintain the home’s original character. Working within the existing footprint would negate the need for additional plumbing or structural work and thus eliminate the need to obtain council approval, another cost-effective solution. 
Victoria planned to stay off-site during the construction, so the detailed concept and costing phases were essential. Dave was especially thorough with the upfront planning to ensure the team could swiftly execute the plans in Victoria’s absence. Once the design choices and costs were finalised, Victoria happily left her property in Dave’s hands.

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A Straightforward Construction

Construction began. Two of the bathrooms had built-in vanities that extended into the recesses of the dormer windows. While this posed difficulties during the update process, the skilled crew made it work. Victoria’s renovation project was indirectly affected by COVID. Although no one on the crew fell ill during the construction, their team was already stretched thin. Thanks to Dave’s spot-on project management and well-thought-out planning process, the finished project was delivered within six weeks. Materials used for this project were sourced from GIB, Mitre10, Placemakers, Resene, Tile Depot, and Schneider Electric.

Bespoke Design Trifecta

Creating three different bathrooms with different designs that still exist cohesively within the same home is no small feat, but Dave and the team achieved exactly that. With the design inspired by Victoria’s research photos, white octagonal and square black tiles in a classic retro pattern were used in the main bathroom. Bespoke tiling is the focal feature here with white subway tiles going halfway up the walls accented with a slim black border; the black tiles were also used to side the bathtub. The black and white colour palette with brushed brass fixtures strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern. 
Beautiful marble tiles were used in the guest bathroom, across the floor and flanking the shower. This space is more compact than the main room, so a custom wall mirror creates the illusion of spaciousness. A vintage-inspired sink basin echoes a similar model in the main bathroom, weaving the continuity throughout the bathrooms. The glass doorknob and other fine details elevate the feel of this space to a truly bespoke design. 
The final bathroom, the ensuite, has the most distinctly vintage design of the three, due largely in part to the one-piece vanity and chic white and brass colour scheme. Mixing two classic tile patterns — subway and square stackbond — of the same colour creates visual interest without becoming too ‘busy’. The brushed brass fixtures used in the ensuite are a design staple throughout the three bathrooms. 

Final Thoughts

The clever use of neutral colour and diverse tile patterns gave each space a completely new look without breaking the bank; and although the footprint of spaces stayed the same, they are completely unrecognisable from their former state. The transformation of these three bathrooms is stunning. Mixing modern and vintage elements ensure that these designs will remain timeless for years to come.

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This project was completed in
August 2022
Project description
Acute attention to detail was a key factor in this project’s success. The trio of bathrooms in this Remuera home have all been updated, each with a distinctive flair that complements the others.
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
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Dave Georgetti is Renovation Consultant of Georgetti Improvements Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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