From Gloom to Glam: Transforming a Dark, Dated Bathroom into a Bright and Functional Sanctuary in Markham, Portland

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This space was transformed from a gloomy bathroom into a glamorous bathroom, with one very important focal point of the renovation, the walk-in shower.

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Reasons behind the renovations

Homeowners of this single-family cape house in Markham, Portland have a beautiful home, however, one of their bathrooms was in desperate need of a makeover. This bathroom was cramped, dark, and not very functional. The Refresh Designer was ready to take on this challenge, to turn this bathroom around and make it into a glamorous, bright and functional space. 

Once all necessary permits were obtained, the Refresh Construction Team demoed the complete bathroom, while in this stage, some minor floor rot was discovered. This was quickly and easily repaired, and the remodel could continue as scheduled. 

Walk-in Shower

One aspect of this bathroom remodel that was very important to the Homeowners was a walk in shower. The reason was for their dogs! They wanted a functional shower where they could easily bathe the dogs. The Refresh Designer had to reconfigure the space to accommodate a larger walk-in shower fit for pups! The shower is a large curbless shower: which is a walk-in shower without any sort of bump or barrier at the entrance. To assist water with not getting everywhere a very slight slope was installed, so that the water runs to the drain, instead of staying in the middle of the shower or even escaping out under the shower door. Walk-in showers, are very elegant and in this case, very dog-friendly.

Another aspect the Refresh Designer incorporated in the shower design was a lower hand-held shower sprayer, making it easy to get those pups rinsed thoroughly. Other aspects of this shower included a large bench and niche. A shower bench is a great addition to this bathroom, especially when washing the pps, so that Homeowners can sit while washing the pups and reduce the risk of slipping. By encompassing a large shower niche, it's not only aesthetically pleasing but also a great feature that provides a proper place to keep all shower, and pup washing accessories. 

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Final finishes and touches

Since this bathroom hadn’t been in the greatest condition, Homeowners were excited to go the extra mile with finishing it out in style with top-end finishes, especially for the tile, and cabinetry. Even though the focal point of this bathroom is the walk-in shower, new cabinets brought much more storage than before. New trim, paint, and light fixtures really brighten up the space. Overall this space was transformed from a gloomy bathroom into a glamorous bathroom! 

Chris, Managing Director/Renovation Consultant of Refresh Renovations, Portland had to say this… 

“This space transformed tremendously! It went from a dark, cramped bathroom to a much more open and accessible space.”

This project was completed in
February 2024
Project description
Bathroom renovation
United States
Project duration
6 Weeks
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Chris Kuhr is Remodeling Consultant of Freeride Development Inc., a franchisee of Renovation Franchise North America, LLC, doing business in Oregon.

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