Eclectic Ensuite Makeover in Karapiro

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This renovation blended a mix of art deco and modern design, transforming the ensuite into a one-of-a-kind bathroom.

This renovation blended a mix of art deco and modern design, transforming the ensuite into a one-of-a-kind bathroom.

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Time to Modernise

Kelly, the owner of this 1920s villa, loved his property but wasn’t thrilled with the state of their ensuite. The room lacked practicality, providing only a bath and no shower, and had a somewhat dated interior design. Kelly also suspected a water leak behind the bath area. His ambition was to upgrade the space by repairing any water damage, modernising the interior design, and installing a spacious shower that would become the main feature.
To get the ball rolling, he contacted local Renovation Partner Steve Roper for professional assistance with the entire project. During their initial consultation, Kelly discussed his vision for the new ensuite in-depth and noted that keeping the cost low and the construction phase quick were equally important factors. At this point, Kelly was able to explore different opportunities for cost-effective spending that would make it possible to achieve his goals on a comfortable budget. And once he was happy with a rough concept, the ideas were ready to be drawn up into something more detailed.

Concept Design and a Fixed-Quote

One of the more prominent advantages of renovating with professionals, like Steve from Refresh Renovations, is that you get to enjoy thoughtfully curated stages that simplify the journey. For Kelly, his renovation experience was led by Project Manager Nadeene Howe who walked him through each step. 
The concept and feasibility stage is all about discerning what’s feasible while also within your budget. You also have the opportunity to make any desired final changes to the design. 
During this process, Nadeene helped Kelly explore options to keep the budget low. Happy to get his hands dirty, he decided to paint the bathroom himself – a great option to save on costs – and opted to source the bathware too. As he also suspected water damage, Nadeene factored that into the estimated budget too, before presenting him with a fixed quote for the project. In total, the ensuite renovation was estimated to cost $21,792 and came in on the exact number. 

Repair and Rebuild 

Construction required demolition work and removal of the existing bathtub. As predicted, a water leak was discovered behind the bath area and had consequently damaged the flooring. Fortunately, repair work was anticipated, so no additional costs were incurred.
After repairing the flooring, the team continued with rebuilding, updating the plumbing, electrical work, plastering, and tiling. Materials used included building supplies from Placemakers. Nadeene diligently coordinated all of the necessary tradespeople to ensure the bathroom renovation was finished as quickly as possible. In all, the build process took a swift four weeks to complete.

A Distinct Design 

Modernising the ensuite while maintaining the character of the 1920s villa resulted in a one-of-a-kind, eclectic design. 
As requested, a beautiful and spacious shower now takes up the end of the bathroom in place of the old bathtub. The shower walls are lined with large, white tiles that leave all attention to the tiled floor’s ornate design, which features throughout the ensuite. 
Shiny copper finishings perfectly tie the space together, pairing exceptionally well with the original timber vanity that’s been refurbished with a chic oval basin and new tapware. 
And finally, an ode to the home’s 1920s era, decorative vertical shiplap in seafoam green establishes an art deco style that blends smoothly with the rest of the modern upgrades.

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This project was completed in
September 2021
Project description
Ensuite Renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Water damage and a strict timeline.
Interesting aspects
Brass fittings, teal blue tiles, and a walk-in shower.
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