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Elegant, modern, and sophisticated, the renovation of this 70's weatherboard, two-storey home is truly exceptional.

Elegant, modern, and sophisticated, the renovation of this 70's weatherboard, two-storey home is truly exceptional.

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The Vision

Longing for a more modern and sleek home, these homeowners pondered undertaking an entire home renovation. With a few ideas in mind, they reached out to their local Renovation Specialist, Mark Morrison, to develop a feasible concept. 
During the initial consultation, the homeowners pointed out several spaces that needed updating. Specifically, they wanted to convert the existing carport into a brand new garage, extend the deck, re-establish the kitchen, and, in the greater scheme, breathe new life throughout the home.
Mark helped the homeowners explore each room and every finer detail before developing the concepts and detailed drawings, leading to the beautiful transformation. 

Cost and Timeline

Although the depth and complexity of this project came with a price tag, the outcome was priceless; a warm, open space for the family to relax and entertain. 
The initial budget was estimated at a few hundred thousand dollars. However, with some unexpected challenges thrown in, such as subsoil drainage failure and leaking walls, the property underwent significant restorations. 
Soil excavation, new piping, and waterproofing on the blockwork pushed out the budget, but with very realistic homeowners, this was no hurdle at all. 
Despite these setbacks, Mark saw the renovation completed within the expected timeline. Refresh Renovations have years of industry experience and utilise a world-renowned system - so setbacks like these are handled in an efficient, professional manner. 

The Garage and Deck Extension

A true marvel of success is the multifunctional carport renovation - serving both as a completely covered garage (now doubling as a games room) and as a foundation for an elegant deck extension. 
The extension was built over half of the new garage and worked perfectly with the interior renovations to create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. Paired with an entire exterior paint job and met by a stunning glass balustrade, the new decking adds a luxurious type of character to the home - one it did not have before.

For the Contemporary Cook

One of the most beautiful aspects of the renovation; the modern kitchen works wonders to carry a sumptuous feel throughout the home. 
The new addition of a gleaming white kitchen island has become one of the home’s most exciting features. In contrast, the surrounding floorboards were polished to a sparkling finish, with warm hints of caramel, cinnamon, and maple. Perfectly matched wooden cabinetry adds depth to this colour scheme which has undoubtedly created a warm ambience in the kitchen - one that will not fail to position the kitchen as the hub of the home.
To give the homeowners the extra space they desired, the kitchen was extended into the original toilet and wash-house space. This conversion freed up room for a butlers pantry and allowed more openness to the ceiling, where new lighting fixtures could shine warmth below. 
Finished with a new industrial-style fridge, stainless steel coffee machine, and induction stovetop has truly elevated the kitchen into contemporary living. The upgrade of all appliances provides greater functionality and lends a modern style to the kitchen.

An Elegant Living Room

From the kitchen, you move into an open-plan living area. New double glazed windows (almost ceiling to floor) bring light and a sense of openness to the lounge. Pairing chic, light grey curtains with the window extension, the room gained a lush, glamorous feel.
What’s more, the furniture, plants, and accessories perfectly match the lounge’s new style and make a feature of the vibrant view overlooking the city. 
Backed by years of expertise, Mark knew exactly how to tie the desire for modernness with the homeowner’s personality into this space. The beauty brought to the home can really be felt in the warmth vibrating within this spacious area.

Best of the Rest 

The bathroom transformed into a modern oasis, complete with marbled tile walls and glass finishings.
Each bedroom was brought to life by new double glazed windows, carpet, and curtains. Mark worked closely with the interior designer to ensure each bedroom was comfortable and relaxing - the perfect place to dream at the end of a busy day. 
Adding to the dreaminess of the master bedroom was the incorporation of a walk-in wardrobe. The existing study was converted into a luxurious wardrobe, finished with black walls and timber finishings. With ample room for storage, this conversion has allowed attention to focus on the magnificent art on the wall rather than clothing clutter.
Joined by his extensive network of industry professionals, Mark has delivered an exceptional renovation with quality finishings in every corner of the house.

A Beautiful Renovation

Working to Refresh Renovations’ world-renowned process, Mark transformed this 70's weatherboard house into a timeless and modern home. 
The effortless blending of style and functionality is noticeable throughout the home, from the contemporary kitchen to the glass balustrades framing the extended deck. Finished with hints of luxury, this is project has completed a genuinely remarkable transformation. 

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This project was completed in
May 2021
Project description
A full house, modern renovation in Wellington.
New Zealand
Project duration
25 weeks (approx.)
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Subsoil drainage, leaking garage wall, extending timeline.
Interesting aspects
Modern countertop, classic cabinetry
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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