Kitchen Remodel in Ranui - Wellington

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Kitchen remodel in Wellington

He asked for a stress-free kitchen renovation and we delivered a kitchen area which is now a bigger, brighter and more welcoming.

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While a kitchen renovation can often appear reasonably straightforward, without professional advice a lot can go wrong. As the owner of a 1940’s vintage home in the affluent Wellington suburb of Khandallah explains, “When I considered the renovation, I was very apprehensive about what was required.” But, by handing the project to Lia Boersma's team at Refresh Renovations, his worries were over. “He asked for a stress-free renovation and, together with kitchen designer Katie from Mastercraft, we delivered,” says Lia.

The benefits of working with a Refresh Renovations franchise

The stages of the Refresh process through which her client was guided mean peace of mind from start to finish plus the savings in time and money that come from working with a team of professionals. “Refresh exceeded all my expectations,” says the homeowner.

I’m loving every minute of it. Many thanks for providing me with a great renovation experience
The process is a tried and true system which begins with the briefing, before moving on to concept design, working drawings and costings - taking into account the engineering, structural, design and aesthetic decisions that have to be made - to the build and finally, delivery of the finished project. It’s also important to note that Refresh takes full responsibility for securing all required building and resource consents; in the case of this project, nothing more than the usual permits was needed.
The brief involved not just updating the kitchen and installing custom-made cabinetry and new appliances, but extending the kitchen area by 3 metres which resulted in creating much-needed extra storage space. The deck, which was already in place, was extended slightly to butt up to the new extension and a new French door was installed.

Kitchen renovation selections

The choice of colour has added a final touch of modern sophistication to the renovation. The paintwork features the popular ‘near white’ Resene Alabaster White and the 30mm engineered stone bench top provides a contrast in steel grey. To complete the project Lia’s client opted for easy-care Moduleo Bourder vinyl tiles.
Renovating an older home can often throw up a surprise or two and this particular project was no exception, says Lia. “Some levelling of the floor, and straightening of the ceiling had to be done and we also needed to fix a small leak coming from the shower. We also had a couple of issues with old plumbing and spouting but none of these were major challenges.” They did however result in a slight variation to the original budget allowed for the project. Initially set at $165,000 the final figure was nearer $170,000.
Lia’s team comes in for high praise from the Khandallah homeowner. “Milo managed the whole project and on day one he said he wanted to treat my build as if it was his own home and that he wanted the overall experience to be a pleasant one for me. He was absolutely true to his word and kept me informed all along the way.” Indeed, communication with clients is a priority for Refresh.

The new kitchen design

After just 3 months, it was job done; what was previously an inconvenient and very dated kitchen area is now a bigger, brighter, more welcoming space in which the homeowner enjoys spending time. The larger size and sleek modern design has completely transformed the living environment but for Lia the most satisfying outcome is “a happy client” – a client who is quick to point out, “I’m loving every minute of it. Many thanks for providing me with a great renovation experience.” Of course, as often happens when renovating an older home, the rest of the house now looks ready for a makeover! But, adds the homeowner, “I’ll be looking nowhere further than Refresh.”
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This project was completed in
October 2018
Project description
Complete renovation of the kitchen area in a 1940's home including an additional 3 metre extension
New Zealand
Project duration
3 months
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