Luxury Bathroom Installations in Freemans Bay, Auckland

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What were once dated bathrooms have become luxurious, open spaces for modern-day living.

What were once dated bathrooms have become luxurious, open spaces for modern-day living.

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These homeowners came to Jim Gleeson, their local Renovation Specialist, ready to overhaul their home’s dated ensuite and main bathroom. The original tiling, fixtures, and colour palettes were tired. If the spaces were ever to support a modern lifestyle, a rebuild was essential.
The homeowners found inspiration for their bathrooms at Robertsons Bathware. But with materials and designs aside, they also met Mark Little, a supplier from the company, who recommended them to contact Jim Gleeson from Refresh Renovations.
Eager to get started, they quickly reached out to Jim, who helped them conceptualise their bathrooms renovations from design to build. 

Devising the Concept & Costing

Situated in one of Auckland’s most adored leafy suburbs, this property reaps the benefits of sitting within the inner city while sharing the surrounds of lush neighbouring parks. 
After an initial consultation of discussing the homeowners’ desires for the renovation, Jim established a rough picture of the transformation; they needed to build a retreat from city living. A large part of this vision included creating space by removing the shower-over-bath in the main bathroom and replacing it with a spacious shower. 
From a big-picture view: the renovation plans detailed a significant amount of demolition, brand new shower and vanity installations, re-tiling, and several more details that would impact the overall appearance.
With the vision thought-out, Jim outlined a concept for modernising both bathrooms and developing a rough price for the overall project. The estimate provided strategic costing that would minimise construction fees, achieve a standard of exceptional quality, and keep to the homeowners’ budget. After project completion, this final cost rounded to $47,000.

The Construction Timeline

Jim estimated the timeline for this to be approximately four weeks and determined by previous bathroom projects. The actual timeline, however, ended up at eight weeks due to unforeseen problems.
During construction, the team dealt with material delays due to Covid-19 and found two unexpected layers of 13mm fire-rated gib underneath the bathroom’s 13mm aqualine gib. 
As these issues arose throughout demolition and construction, the project scope needed altering as they went. But with quick adjustments made by Jim and the efficiency of using the BuilderTrend Change Order system, the project was completed while catering to the homeowners’ need to move back in by a specific deadline.
The winning strategy was to focus all efforts on completing the main bathroom first. This way, the homeowners had a functional bathroom to use while waiting for the ensuite to be completed. During this wait, the renovation team worked quickly and carefully to ensure the homeowners’ comfort.
It was just one week after moving back into their home that their ensuite was polished off, the entire apartment cleaned, and finishings were perfected to the homeowners’ extreme satisfaction.

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Decorating for Modernity

The renovation was set to do more than simply freshen up the two bathroom interiors.
The rebuild was a transformation to establish a modern-day oasis; bathrooms with a spacious feel and air of luxury for the homeowners to retreat after a long workday. Jim and the homeowners achieved this vision by selecting high-end materials and keeping the colour refined to a simplistic selection of black, grey, sand, and white.
Standout features include the extra-large marbled tiling that extends from floor to wall, the frameless glass showers, and sleek floating vanities. The dark colouring of these fixtures (excluding the glass) has developed an atmosphere of opulence and relaxation. It’s an experience that is significantly amplified by the matte black showerheads, tapware, and towel rail. 

A Lasting Impression

The complete renovation delivered two stunning bathrooms with a refined, modern character. There’s elegance, and increased functionality; soothing colours, and more space to enjoy.
Both the homeowners and Jim couldn’t be happier with the results and are thrilled to see an excellent standard of quality across all finishings.
Jim has stated he loved working closely with the homeowners to fully understand their vision and offer suggestions for both practical and beautiful improvements.
Indeed, the renovation was a great success and a tremendous visual transformation; something to be enjoyed for its aesthetic and functionality over the years to come!

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This project was completed in
February 2021
Project description
What were once dated bathrooms have become luxurious, open spaces for modern-day living.
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
8 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Unforeseen material issues, as well as some plumbing and shower glass installation delays.
Interesting aspects
This renovation increased the property value by over a third
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