Master suite, bathroom and wardrobes in Remuera, Auckland

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Bathroom renovation to a modern, grey scale design in an Auckland home.

This beautiful home underwent a high-class makeover to establish an air of luxury.

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Much like its neighbouring homes, the property was already well-established with plenty of refined character. With high ceilings and dark hardwood floors throughout, it was a truly refined canvas to work with and had fantastic potential for maximising space. 

The Project

The homeowner had a clear vision for the project right from the start. Meeting with Corey Rambhai, their local Renovation Specialist, they laid out the designs that had already been created and explained the smaller details of how it was to be constructed.
The master suite was set to undergo a full renovation that would modernise the wardrobe and ensuite. Alongside this upgrade, the main bathroom also needed reconstructing, new wardrobes were to be built in the kids bedrooms, and the home’s interior would be painted with a fresh colour palette.
Because the homeowner came with their own designs, for which they had already purchased the tapware and fixtures, Corey created the original budget based purely on construction costs. 
There were many technical aspects to be considered in the project. From on-site tasks, such as matching up ceiling heights to the project management-side which required Corey to coordinate with the designer; this wasn’t a simple renovation.
Once the homeowner had explored these elements and the expansive nature of the project, it wasn’t long before they accepted the rough budget. Corey then sent the working drawings to be processed by the renovation team’s Quantity Surveyor who delivered a breakdown of the exact costs for each trade.

The Timeline

The estimated timeline started out at 8 weeks. However, as with many home renovations, this  project ended up with supply challenges that forced the timeline to be extended. 
The reasoning? A handful of the fixtures which the homeowner purchased had a wait time of 3 - 4 weeks. Additional to this delay, there was a large vanity being customised for the master bedroom’s ensuite which would take 12 weeks to manufacture. 
With this considered, Corey pushed the project out to a 13-week timeline. This was more realistic, overall, but still offered an excellent speed for seeing the construction completed.

Careful Construction

Remodelling the master bedroom and main bathroom were two very complicated sections of the project. Both had delicate elements throughout the design and construction that would require analytical thinking and careful handling.
For the master bedroom, these elements included leveling out the flooring and matching ceiling heights from different rooms. Then, looking at the main bathroom, the framing, flooring, and insulation was to be carried out with constant reporting to the designer who was at hand for any changes.
To maintain this degree of care during the entire project, Corey made sure that the renovation team provided an update at each separate stage within the project. This way, less mistakes would be made and it allowed the designer to ensure no changes would affect another part of the project.

Details of Luxury

Across every inch of this renovation, you will find details of luxury. In an instant you’ll find it in the golden brass tapware and fittings, the custom-built vanity and the black stone bathtub. But step back and you’ll discover even more… finer details are kept in the matte black finishings, organic shaping and recessed downlights. These spaces truly were designed to be rich in quality as much as elegance.
A particularly brilliant feature, which the renovation builders installed to perfection, was the giant cabinet design for the master bedroom’s wardrobe. Built behind the head of the bed, the cabinets were established as a headboard which makes a bold statement in the refined room.
Together, the thoughtful design and careful construction of this renovation combined to develop a tastefully modern living experience.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
Modern Master Suite Renovation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
13 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Elements of design and construction requiring thought and care.
Interesting aspects
Kitchen benchtop was supplied incorrectly so required a lot of negotiation
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Chiraag (Corey) Rambhai is Renovation Consultant of Recreate Construction Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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