A Modern, Spacious Bathroom Renovation in Tauranga

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Modern bathroom renovation

Seeking a modern, spacious bathroom renovation with a few luxury features, this homeowner asked Renovation Specialists Peter Jenkins and Danielle Renèe to manage the renovation from start to finish.

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Looking for a company who could take care of her Tauranga bathroom renovation from start to finish, homeowner Kylie reached out to Refresh Renovations. In terms of style, Kylie wanted her new bathroom to be modern, functional and luxurious. She was interested in shifting her laundry into another room, updating her shower, installing a new vanity and replacing some damaged flooring.    
“Refresh Renovations were the one-stop-shop, starting with designing the space right through to completing the project”, tells Kylie. “With a single point of contact, I did not have to worry about dealing with the day-to-day co-ordination of various contractors.”

A modern bathroom design

Following an initial consultation, local Renovation Specialists Peter Jenkins and Danielle Renèe worked with Kylie to perfect a new design that would maximise her bathroom space and suit her budget.
“We were thorough to ensure the redecoration of both the bathroom and laundry coordinated”, explains Danielle. “We started by helping Kylie select her flooring. We then took a sample of the tiles to the bathroom supplier to help with Kylie’s vanity selection and then further bathroom equipment. The next step was a consultation with our colour consultant at Resene to ensure all elements of the bathroom worked together.”
“Peter and Danielle were fantastic to deal with”, says Kylie. “Danielle helped with the initial design of the bathroom and laundry, and assisted with selecting the various elements for the bathroom.”
Once the design was established and the new bathroom materials were selected, Peter and Danielle worked with Resene, Plumbing World, Robertsons, Showerman and The Tile Depot to ensure the availability and delivery of all products. Then, they scheduled in their team of contracting builders, plumbers, electricians, shower installers and tilers.

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Bathroom renovation

With a new layout in mind, the bathroom’s plumbing was rearranged. From there, the new laundry room’s existing carpet was removed and replaced with luxurious new tiles. When these same tiles were installed in the bathroom, it was decided that a few project variations were needed. 
“Initially, Kylie wanted to keep the framed bathtub that had its own tiling around it; as it was still in reasonable condition”, explains Peter. “During the build, it was discovered that the tiles couldn't be salvaged during replacement of the tapware. Also, aesthetically, the old bath did not match the rest of the new bathroom. She then opted for a free-standing bath.”
“Peter was hands-on throughout the renovation process and maintained regular contact”, says Kylie. “As with all renovations, there are always a few surprises that crop up during the building process but Peter made short work of getting them sorted; with minimal stress at my end.”
With the new bathtub selected and installed, the old tiled shower was removed and a modern, semi-frameless cubicle was installed on the opposite side of the bathroom, making the room appear more spacious. All of the existing tapware was replaced to match the new style and the new wall-hung vanity was tiled with a ceramic subway splashback. In addition to the wall-hung vanity, another space-saving tactic was to build a recessed wall cabinet. 
“I absolutely love the final result of my bathroom”, says Kylie. “Originally, I was going to keep the existing bath to try and save some money; however, during the build, it became evident that the end result perhaps wouldn’t look as good as I had imagined. Peter took the time to work through various options with me and I ended up choosing to go with a new bath. Turns out it is perhaps my favourite feature of the bathroom.”

Bathroom renovation result

“The project went without a hitch”, concludes Peter. “Kylie later decided to get us to also do her kitchen floor.”

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This project was completed in
January 2021
Project description
Updating a bathroom and laundry
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
The waterproofing improvements should result in 20+ years protection
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Peter Jenkins is Renovation Consultant of Reconstruction Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

Danielle Renèe is Renovation Consultant of Reconstruction Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

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